Through the Grant-in-Aid benefit, College faculty and professional staff are eligible for substantially reduced tuition rates if their dependent children attend Franklin & Marshall on a full-time basis.

Currently, the annual Grant-in-Aid benefit for employees with dependent children attending Franklin & Marshall on a full-time basis equals 85% of Franklin & Marshall's tuition rate (excluding room and board, books, and other fees).

Grant-in-Aid recipients are not eligible for a Children's Scholarship or Tuition Exchange scholarship (children may participate in one benefit/program per semester).

Grants-in-Aid are not available for independent study courses, tutorial courses, or non-credit courses for which a faculty member is compensated on an individual basis. Registration fees, lab fees, fees for books and materials, room and board, and other miscellaneous expenses are not paid through this benefit.

For Dependent Children with a Franklin & Marshall Scholarship

Dependent children of College employees who qualify for Grant-in-Aid and a Franklin & Marshall scholarship will receive the larger of the Grant-in-Aid tuition waiver or the annual scholarship.

For Dependent Children Enrolled in an Off-Campus Study Program

When a Grant-in-Aid student enrolls in an approved off-campus study program, the student will be billed for tuition fees at Franklin & Marshall's normal tuition rate.  The employee-parent will receive the normal Grant-in-Aid benefit on behalf of the student, equal to 85% of Franklin & Marshall’s basic tuition rate.  The student (or employee-parent) will be responsible for paying 15% of Franklin & Marshall's tuition to Franklin & Marshall College.  The student will also be responsible for paying all applicable room, board, and other fees directly to the host institution, plus any applicable travel fees.

For Dependent Children Enrolled in an Exchange Program

When a Grant-in-Aid student enrolls in an exchange program, the student (or employee-parent) will be required to contribute an amount equal to the difference between Franklin & Marshall's basic tuition rate per semester and the Grant-in-Aid benefit, but not more than the standard exchange program and administrative fee.  In other words, the student will be required to pay the equivalent of 15% of Franklin & Marshall's basic tuition rate, up to standard exchange program fees.  The remainder of the program cost will be covered through the Grant-in-Aid benefit.  The student will be responsible for paying all applicable room, board, and other fees, plus any applicable travel fees.

The semester(s) spent studying off-campus, either through an off-campus study program or an exchange program, will count toward the 8 semester education benefit limit. For more information regarding off-campus study, please contact the Office of International Programs, 358-7187.

Application Procedures

To be eligible for the Grant-in-Aid benefit, a faculty or professional staff member's child must first be admitted to Franklin & Marshall through normal admission processes. The employee-parent must then complete Grant-in-Aid Application and return it to Human Resources before the start of each semester.  Timely submission of the completed Grant-in-Aid application to Human Resources each semester will assure the employee-parent is not improperly billed for tuition fees.