Through the Tuition Remission program, full-time Franklin & Marshall faculty and professional staff may enroll in F&M courses as described below, without a charge for tuition.


Full-time members of the faculty and professional staff are eligible for Tuition Remission immediately upon hire.

Faculty and staff must remain employed in a full-time capacity to remain eligible for Tuition Remission. If full-time employment at Franklin & Marshall terminates while an employee is receiving the Tuition Remission benefit, his/her eligibility for Tuition Remission will cease at the end of the calendar month in which employment termination occurs. Faculty members taking an approved sabbatical or research leave, and employees taking approved Family & Medical Leave, remain eligible for Tuition Remission and education benefits for their dependents.

Course Enrollment

Full-time employees may enroll, without a charge for tuition, in Franklin & Marshall undergraduate-level courses on a part-time basis which are offered during hours other than the employee's regular working hours. It may be possible for a course to be taken during regular working hours on an occasional basis (normally, a maximum of one course per 12 month period), provided arrangements acceptable to the College and the supervisor have been made to ensure that the employee's work will be satisfactorily completed. Generally, this will be accomplished by adjusting the normal starting and/or stopping times of the employee on days he/she attends classes. An employee will not be permitted to enroll in more than one course in any one academic period which is scheduled during the employee's regular working hours.

Tuition Remission recipients are not eligible to enroll in independent study, tutorial, or non-credit courses in which a faculty member is compensated on an individual basis. The Tuition Remission benefit applies to tuition only; registration fees, lab fees, fees for books and materials, student activity fees, and other miscellaneous expenses are not paid through this benefit.

Application Procedures

Tuition Remission is contingent upon acceptance of the employee as a qualified student by Franklin & Marshall.  Employees wishing to take a Franklin & Marshall class must first apply for admission through the Franklin & Marshall Admission office.

Once accepted for admission, the employee must complete a Tuition Remission Application each semester, and return the application to Human Resources. Applications are available through the Human Resources web pages and in the Human Resources office.  Failure to complete the application will result in an invoice for tuition being sent to the employee.