Why Serve on
College Committees?

One of the most valuable things that we as members of the F&M community can do to strengthen the College is to volunteer to serve on the committees that determine the policies and day-to-day life of the College.  If you would like to put your name forward to serve on any of these committees, please click on the link at the bottom of this page. The Staff Advisory Committee will maintain a database of interested volunteers in order to respond quickly when a committee needs a member to serve.

College Committees Open to  Professional Staff

  • Campus Advisory Committee on Workplace Safety

    The Workplace Safety Committee’s mission is to function as a coordinating body for assessing and responding to workplace safety issues in order to reduce overall exposure by employees to accidents and work-related injuries/illnesses. This includes (1) establishing workplace safety program objectives based on regulatory requirements, standards from accrediting organizations, and institutional experience and needs, and (2) effective communication of safety policies and information.

  • Campus Sustainability Committee

    The Sustainability Committee oversees and guides the College’s sustainability efforts, including the implementation of Franklin & Marshall’s Sustainability Master Plan. It advises the College President regarding sustainability issues, makes recommendations for changes in college practices that will reduce its impact on the natural environment, researches and initiates specific sustainability projects, and communicates the progress F&M is making in campus sustainability and environmental citizenship. The Sustainability Committee is empowered to form working groups as needed to achieve the goals of the Sustainability Master Plan: defining priorities, monitoring progress, and facilitating the regular assessment of the College’s sustainability. The Sustainability Committee will ensure that the Plan’s goals, strategies, and tactics continually reflect best practices and the most up-to-date scholarship / science relevant to achieving them. The Sustainability Committee will undertake the periodic review and update of the Sustainability Master Plan as needed. Roles and responsibilities of Sustainability Committee members, as well as the processes of the Sustainability Committee and its working groups, will be directed by the guidelines posted on eDisk.

  • Campus Tree Advisory Committee

    The Committee will advise the President on the planning for and maintenance of the Caroline S. Nunan Arboretum. The Committee will be responsible for educating the campus community and facilitating connections between the community and the Arboretum. The Committee shall meet at least four times per year.

  • Committee on Budget Priorities

    The Committee on Budget Priorities advises the President on matters concerning the allocation of resources among the competing operating and capital demands of the College and according to the College’s long-range plans. Its tasks are to study the resources of the College, including financial resources, through consultation with the President, at various stages of operating and capital budget formation, to advise the President about the priorities that the final budgets should reflect, and regularly to inform members of the College community about the availability and allocation of resources, to seek reaction, and to consider that reaction in Committee deliberations. The chair of the Budget Priorities Committee is expected to serve as a representative of the Faculty on the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.

  • Committee on Fair Practices

    The Committee on Fair Practices is responsible for reviewing policies on an ongoing basis, for recommending revisions of those policies when it deems them appropriate, and for taking action to ensure that the College most effectively implements its stated policy of promoting diversity and of not discriminating on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or national or ethnic origin. In addition, the Committee serves as an advisory group to the Affirmative Action Officer. To these ends, the committee will use and disseminate appropriate reviews of the goals, programs, and actions of the College as they relate to issues of diversity, and, when circumstances dictate, it may recommend that the College carry out such reviews. On request, the Committee will meet in confidence with individuals or groups with respect to the business of the committee. It reports on its findings to the Provost and makes recommendations to an appropriate Senior Officer of the College, as it deems advisable. 

  • Committee on Fringe Benefits

    The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Fringe Benefits is charged with advising the Provost concerning policies and procedures on pensions and other fringe benefits.

    The Committee will meet regularly during the fall semester (generally at least once per month) to review and discuss information related to the College’s annual health insurance renewal. The Committee will provide input to the Provost and the Vice President for Finance regarding health insurance plan design options. The Committee will meet as needed throughout the academic year to provide input regarding fringe benefits-related matters brought to the Committee by the Provost and/or Vice President for Finance.

    In addition, Committee members will bring forward and discuss benefits-related suggestions or issues from the campus community. The Committee will consult with the Provost and Vice President for Finance prior to further study of such issues.

    All modifications to College policies and fringe benefits plans are made by the President and Board of Trustees. 


  • Committee on Quality of Campus Life

    The Committee on Quality of Campus Life advises the directors of several administrative offices on policies governing the availability and effectiveness of student educational services, for example, academic advising, counseling, career services, the Registrar, and first-year programs. The faculty members on this group serve as the faculty representatives on the Greek Life New Member Education Review Board.

  • Committee on Sexual Misconduct

    In accordance with the Department of Education’s recommendations on compliance with Title IX, the Committee is charged with reviewing campus services, policies, and procedures pertaining to student sexual misconduct to ensure that they are consistent with best practices and implemented effectively. In addition, the Committee will identify strategies that promote an environment in which students are a) aware of Franklin & Marshall’s policies regarding sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment and violence, b) able to recognize these behaviors when they occur, c) understand how and to whom to report incidents, d) understand the connection between alcohol and drug abuse and sexual misconduct as well as the College’s amnesty policy, and e) understand that the College will respond promptly and equitably to reports of sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment and violence. The Committee will also assess whether mandated reporters have been clearly identified and understand the procedures for reporting sexual misconduct to campus officials charged with implementation of the Clery Act and Title IX. Convened by the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the Committee serves as an advisory group to the Provost, Dean of the College, Senior Associate Dean of the College, Title IX Coordinator, and Director of Public Safety. The Committee reports its findings annually to the Provost and the Dean of the College. 

  • Common Hour Committee

    This committee will oversee programming for the Common Hour, as specified in the motion approved by the faculty on March 10, 2009. 

  • Kneedler Award Committee

    The Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award is given each year to a member of the professional staff, in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions and demonstrated commitment to the mission of the College.

    A committee of five professional staff members reviews nominations and forwards the list of nominations to the Senior Officers for their review. The Director, Human Resources will serve as an ex officio member of this committee. The committee will gather additional information as necessary to thoroughly evaluate each nomination. Such evaluation may include discussion with the nominee's manager and colleagues.

    The committee will recommend one award recipient based on the criteria listed above. The committee's final recommendation will be submitted to the Senior Officers of the College for their final action.

  • Public Safety Advisory Committee

    The Public Safety Advisory Committee is charged with overseeing continuing efforts to improve the safety of our campus and surrounding neighborhoods. This committee will identify and examine additional steps that can be taken to improve our public safety environment. It will assist the department in formulating policies and procedures that affect the campus community. The group will also allow members of our community to bring concerns, ideas, and suggestions regarding safety issues to the attention of the Director of Public Safety for consideration.  

  • Wellness Committee

    The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to help our faculty and professional staff achieve a healthy lifestyle.