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Nomination Form for the Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award

The Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award is given each year to a member of the professional staff, in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions and demonstrated commitment to the mission of the College.

During his long association with Franklin & Marshall, Richard Kneedler exemplified what it means to be a true citizen of the College. Many others have been inspired by Richard Kneedler's example. Through this award, the College will recognize a professional staff member or two staff members each year for his or her contributions and service to the College.


Via the Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award, the College will recognize a member of the professional staff who consistently goes "above and beyond" normal performance expectations, and who has earned the respect of students and colleagues.

The recipient of this award will have demonstrated his/her commitment to the mission of the College:

  1. by achieving significant positive results which have helped the College realize its objectives as expressed in the Mission Statement and strategic plans, and/or
  2. by consistently providing outstanding service and/or leadership to students or prospective students, faculty, professional staff, Trustees, alumni, or other constituencies in support of the College's strategies.

Dual nominations of this award will be accepted if the work of the two professional staff members is so extensively intertwined that their ability to meet the above 2 criteria is dependent upon each other.

Mission Statement:   Franklin & Marshall is a residential college dedicated to excellence in undergraduate liberal education. Its aims are to inspire in young people of high promise and diverse backgrounds a genuine and enduring love for learning, to teach them to read, write, and think critically, to instill in them the capacity for both independent and collaborative action, and to educate them to explore and understand the natural, social and cultural worlds in which they live. In so doing, the College seeks to foster in its students qualities of intellect, creativity, and character, that they may live fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and their world.

Examples of accomplishments that may result in a nomination include:

  • Creating significant, positive change aligned with the College’s priorities.
  • Positively impacting the educational experience of students.
  • Eliminating significant obstacles to achieving the College’s operating plans.
  • Proactively resolving, in novel ways, significant problems that impede progress.
  • Leading or facilitating a group to accomplish significant, positive results.
  • Actively participating on a committee or task force that achieved significant, positive results.
  • Identifying and implementing significant improvements to College practices, policies and/or programs that result in enhanced service to students, alumni, or other constituencies, and/or cost savings.
  • Actively inspiring and helping others to contribute constructively to the College’s strategic and operating plans.
  • Developing and utilizing strong and productive working relationships in a way that enables objectives to be met in support of the College's strategies.
  • Supporting internal and/or external constituencies in ways that exceed expectations and result in positive outcomes that support the College's mission.
  • Serving as a role model to students, prospective students, colleagues, or community members; “living” the College mission.
  • Making significant contributions on behalf of Franklin & Marshall through service to the wider Lancaster community.


To be considered for this award, a nominee must:

  1. be a member of the Franklin & Marshall professional staff  (both “exempt” and “non-exempt” staff members, as well as part-time and full-time staff members, are eligible),
  2. have been employed by the College for at least 2 years at the time the nomination is made, and
  3. be currently employed by the College  (retired staff members and former employees are not eligible). 

Senior Officers of the College are not eligible for this award.

A professional staff member selected for this award based on item (b) above will be eligible to receive this award once during his/her employment at the College for this same reason.


The recipient of the Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award will receive a $2,500 cash award in recognition of his/her distinguished service to the College.

Nomination Process

Each year, the College will request nominations for the Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award via the Bell & Tower Newsletter in February/March.  Any member of the College community may nominate a member of the professional staff for this award by completing this online  nomination form and submitting it by the deadline posted in the Bell & Tower Newsletter.

Review Process

A committee of five professional staff members will review nominations and forward the list of nominations to the Senior Officers for their review. The Director, Human Resources will serve as an ex officio member of this committee. The committee will gather additional information as necessary to thoroughly evaluate each nomination. Such evaluation may include discussion with the nominee's manager and colleagues.

The committee will recommend one award recipient based on the criteria listed above. The committee's final recommendation will be submitted to the Senior Officers of the College for their final action.

If a member of the committee is nominated for this award, that person will be excused from the selection process for that year.  Additionally, an individual who nominates a member of the professional staff for this award will not be eligible to serve on the nomination review committee that year.  Committee members will be expected to keep all information included on Nomination Forms strictly confidential.

The Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award recipient will be announced during Commencement.

Past Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

2019 - Lydia Brubaker, Executive Assistant to the Provost

2018 - Ted Schmid, Facilities & Operations

2017 - Tami Lantz,  Economics, Religious Studies, the Africana Studies Program, and the Judaic Studies Program

2016 - Dick Denlinger, Facilities & Operations

2015 - Chris Alexander, Registrar's Office

2014 – John Coccia, Information Technology Services

2013 – Rus O’Connell, Art and Art History

2012 – Dan Lewis, Facilities & Operations

2011 – Lisa Stillwell, Shadek Fackenthal Library

2010 – Andy Gulati, Shadek Fackenthal Library

2009 - Marty McGrath, Facilities & Operations

2008 - Kathy Clark, Sociology and Anthropology

2007 - Steve Spadafore, Physics and Astronomy

2006 - Beth Betrone, Philosophy

2005 - David Stameshkin, Office of the Dean of the College