Faculty-- Members of the faculty who plan to resign are asked to give 18 months advance notice to their department chair and to the Provost when possible.  Faculty members are also asked to provide written notice to Human Resources at least 2 months prior to their expected resignation date whenever possible.

Professional Staff-- Members of the professional staff who plan to resign are asked to notify their manager and Human Resources in writing as far in advance as possible prior to their expected resignation date.

If you are retiring from the College, please visit the Retirement Benefits webpage for more details.

We request that you:

  • return any College credit cards, your College ID, and College keys and fobs to your immediate supervisor and assure that  library books are  returned to the College Library.

  • visit the IT reference page for departing employees and make arrangements for returning laptops and other tech equipment. 

  • review your Google Drive contents and discuss transferring ownership of documents with your supervisor.

  • pay any outstanding College book store balances in full prior to your last day.

  • provide Human Resources and the Payroll Coordinator with a forwarding address to assure important tax and fringe benefits documents are mailed to the correct address.  Addresses may be updated online prior to your last working day, through Inside F&M.  After your last working day, please contact the Payroll Coordinator at (717) 358-5995 with a change of address.


Salary and Benefits as of Termination of Employment

  • Dental Plan Coverage -- Coverage under the College's Group Dental Plan terminates at the end of the calendar month in which employment termination occurs.

  • Email Access—As of the last day of work, an employee's Franklin & Marshall email access will be terminated, and access to the College’s network will be discontinued.  Retirees of the College will retain email access until they request that it be canceled.

  • Emeriti Grantor Trust and Veba Trust -- If a member of the faculty or professional staff terminates employment, for any reason, before College contributions to his/her Emeriti Health Account have vested, all such contributions and any associated investment earnings will be forfeited by the employee.

  • Employee Assistance Program—Coverage through the College’s Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.) terminates at the end of the calendar month in which employment termination occurs.

  • Exit Interviews-- Professional staff and faulty who are resigning are asked to complete a brief survey.  Your responses will help the College identify any necessary changes and opportunities for improvement. 

  • Final Paycheck—Resigning, retiring, or terminating members of the professional staff are paid through their last actual work day, based on normal College pay procedures.  Faculty members are typically paid for the full semester, providing they met their teaching obligations for that semester.  The final paycheck is issued on the next regular pay date following the last working day or termination date.  All normal deductions are withheld.  If the employee had his/her paycheck directly deposited into a checking or savings account, the final paycheck will also be deposited into the employee's account.   If a holiday falls after a staff member’s last actual work day, holiday pay will not be issued.

  • Flexible Spending Account - Medical and/or Dependent Care Expenses -- Pre-tax contributions to the Flexible Spending Account terminate at the end of the month in which employment termination occurs, if an employee’s final pay allows the full contribution to be deducted (otherwise, pre-tax contributions are suspended at the end of the prior month).  Participants may submit claims for eligible, unreimbursed medical expenses, incurred through their termination date, to the administrator.  Former employees may submit claims for their eligible dependent care expenses which are incurred during the calendar year in which termination occurs.  Claims may be submitted to the administrator and will be reimbursed, per plan provisions, from the former employee’s remaining Dependent Care Account balance.

  • Life Insurance Coverage-- Life insurance coverage for full-time employees terminates at 11:59 p.m. on the last actual work day.  Terminating employees have the option of converting or porting their College-paid group life insurance coverage.  (Note that retirement is not eligible for Portability. )  In order to do so, you must complete an application and apply for these options within 31 days of your coverage termination.  For more information, click here.

  • Long-term Disability Coverage-- Long-term disability insurance coverage for full-time employees terminates as of 11:59 p.m. on the last actual day of work.

  • Medical - Health & Prescription Drug Plan Coverage-- Coverage through the College's Group Health & Prescription Drug Plan terminates at the end of the calendar month in which employment termination occurs (the termination date is the employee’s last actual working day).

  • Medical - Health Reimbursement Account (applicable to employees enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan prior to employment termination)—Typically, all amounts in an employee’s Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) are forfeited upon termination of coverage through the High Deductible Health Plan and/or termination of employment.  However, an employee may retain his/her full HRA balance under certain circumstances per the Health Reimbursement Account Summary Plan Description.

  • Medical/Dental - COBRA -- Upon termination of coverage, a former full-time employee will have the option of continuing group dental,  group health and prescription coverage and coverage under the Employee Assistance Program for him/herself and any covered dependents via COBRA.  Dental coverage and health and prescription coverage through COBRA is the same as coverage provided to active employees, however, COBRA participants are required to pay the full cost to the College for their coverage plus a 2% administrative fee. Former employees and their covered dependents are generally eligible for continued coverage for up to 18 months.  Following termination of employment, the former employee will receive notification of his/her COBRA continuation rights from Ceridian Benefit Services, the College's COBRA administrator. To be eligible for continued coverage, the former employee must respond to the COBRA notice and make payments within the required time frame, as specified in the notice from Ceridian Benefits Services.  Please see the Health & Prescription Drug Plan Summary Plan Description and the Dental Plan Summary Plan Description for more information. Questions about continued coverage may be directed to Ceridian Benefit Services at (800) 877-7994.

  • Paid Sick Leave-- Eligibility for paid sick leave terminates as of the last actual day of work. There is no payment made for unused sick days upon employment termination.

  • Part-time Employees-- A member of the faculty or professional staff with 15 or more years of service with the College after age 40 may retain email access, access to the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center, and access to the College libraries.

  • Pay Advance Deduction for Professional Staff-- Full-time members of the non-exempt professional staff employed prior to April 13, 2007,  received a pay advance on this date, when the College transitioned from a semi-monthly pay schedule to a bi-weekly pay schedule. The total gross pay advance a member of the non-exempt staff received on April 13, 2007, will be deducted from his/her final two paychecks if not deducted previously.   Full-time members of the exempt professional staff who received a pay advance on January 11, 2013, when the College transitioned from a monthly to a bi-weekly pay schedule, will have the total outstanding pay advance deducted from his/her final two paychecks.

  • Retirement Savings Plan-- All College and elective contributions to the Retirement Plan cease upon termination of employment.  Terminating employees own their account accumulations, and may leave their retirement savings invested through TIAA, may rollover all or part of their account balance to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another employer plan that accepts rollovers, or may withdraw some or all of their account accumulations.  Income tax is withheld when funds are withdrawn.  Please note, a withdrawal of funds prior to age 59-1/2 may result in a tax penalty.  

  • Vacation Payment for Full-time Professional Staff -- Upon employment termination, professional staff receive payment for any unused vacation days earned between the prior July 1 and their last work day, per the College’s vacation policy


Current and former employee's personal information (address, phone number, employment record, new place of employment, etc.) is always kept confidential.  All requests for such information, including requests for an employment reference, are to be forwarded to Human Resources. When Human Resources receives a request for an employment reference, former job title(s) and dates of service will be provided.  Former employees who would like the College to provide a more detailed employment reference must provide Human Resources with a signed statement, authorizing the College to release employment-related information to prospective employers.

College employees are asked not to provide an employment reference for a current or former colleague on behalf of Franklin & Marshall College, including through social networking sites.