What is a Fumentor ("Fum-Mentor")? 

This may be one of your first exposures to the language of Franklin & Marshall College!  F&M community members are affectionately referred to as "Fummers".   Fumentors are F&M employees who have a distinct interest in mentoring new employees.  

We might be bragging when we share that our Fumentors have won the prestigious Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award for their active engagement with the College as problem-solvers, leaders, role models and mentors. 

Let us introduce you to the Fumentors and the many ways they enjoy their involvement in the F&M community!

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David M. Stameshkin 

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Dr. David Stameshkin worked at F&M from 1978 to 2012 and held a variety of positions, including: Associate Dean of Students, Executive Assistant to the President, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Associate Vice President for Advancement, and Founding Prefect (Dean) of Bonchek College House. He also taught a number of History courses.

David served on various committees during his time at F&M, many of which initiated change and growth in the College. He served as co-chair of the Internal Communications Task Force that created the idea of an annual staff/faculty picnic (later named “Dipnic,” a term coined by David), where he then commissioned the Dipnic Wiffleball Challenge. In addition, he helped organize the first Fum Follies and continued to produce, write and direct 14 Follies. He also served as Hillel Advisor, advised the Delta Rho chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity, and was selected as the first ever recipient of the Kneedler Award.

“I have many happy memories of working at F&M. Indeed, I was blessed to work with such wonderful colleagues and students. I guess I enjoyed the nights we put on the Fum Follies the most: seeing the whole community there—faculty, staff, students enjoying the show and each other was a real highlight for me.”

Beth Betrone 

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Beth Betrone came to Franklin & Marshall College in October of 1987. Her career spanned over 23 years, working in a myriad of positions including: Evening Division Secretary, Registrar Secretary, Philosophy & Religious Studies Secretary and Academic Department Coordinator. 

Beth was involved in many activities during her time here, including the Women’s Center Board, Presidential Committee, and the Common Hour Committee. In addition, she was the Assistant to the Phi Beta Kappa Committee, and served as an active leader in F&M’s Relay for Life team. Beth also volunteered at Dipnic, Baccalaureate, Awards Day, and the welcoming of incoming freshmen and their families.  

“My favorite memory was hearing President Fry telling me I won the Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award; such an honor, I will always be in awe of this award.”

Kathy Clark 

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Kathy Clark came to F&M in 1998, working as a part-time Academic Department Coordinator in the Classic’s Department. In 2000, she moved to a full-time position in both the Anthropology and Sociology Departments as their Academic Department Coordinator. In January of 2016 Kathy retired from the College.  

Kathy has served on many college committees during her time at the College. She participated in the Fair Practices Committee, Library Committee, Tree Committee, Student Employment Advisory Committee, and the Student Advisory Committee. In addition, she served two terms as the Staff Representative on the Women’s Center Board. Outside of F&M, Kathy is a master gardener and is very active in non-profit volunteer work.

“My favorite memory of working at F&M was participating in many Fum Follies productions.”

Marty McGrath

  • Marty Mcgrath

Marty McGrath started at Franklin & Marshall in 1983 as the Steinman College Center Manager while searching elsewhere for a position as a high school social studies teacher. Part of his duties included working in Facilities and Operations during the summer months, where he eventually became the Assistant Director and continues in this position today. Marty says that after working in this environment for a few years he had “no desire to go back to teaching.” 

Marty has engaged in many groups and committees at F&M, quite a few of which were directly associated with the responsibilities of his position. These include the Inauguration Committee, and the Ben Franklin Tercentenary. In addition, Marty has actively contributed to the annual Commencements, has served on the Benefits Committee and is currently a member of the Sexual Misconduct Panel. 

“So many memories stand out, but the permanent connections I have with the people I’ve met here epitomize my relationship with the College. Both employees and students, who are now life long friends, have stood with me in dark personal times, mentored me and encouraged me.”

Andy Gulati 

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In 1991, Andy Gulati started his F&M career at the Shadek-Fackenthal Library where he quickly moved from a staff position into Interlibrary Loan and Reference services. After Andy earned his Master’s degree in Library Science, he became the Research and Instruction Librarian. In 2001, Andy’s position changed to Systems Librarian and he currently manages the Martin Library of Science, where he is excited to celebrate the library’s 25th anniversary!

Even before Andy was hired, he served the Music Department in a variety of roles, including porter, photographer, videographer, library liaison and even Bingo caller for clarinet studio parties! Along with serving on the Professional Staff Committee and Walking-Biking-Working Group, Andy has formed the Catastrophic Relief Alliance, is advisor to the Cycling Team, Badminton & Cooking clubs, and played a vital role in founding the Fumentors!

“Too many memories to list, but taking 20 students and staff to Greensboro, Alabama rises to the top. The Catastrophic Relief Alliance and I helped with framing, insulating, roofing, and installing windows and doors. During our time off, we toured the Safehouse Black History Museum and enjoyed the revelry in Tuscaloosa after the University of Alabama won the national football championship. So much good work, student spirit, culture, sports, and great food on that trip!”

Dan T. Lewis 

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Dan Lewis has been working at the College for over 30 years, but remembers the very first day he arrived (July 2nd, 1984). During his time here, he has served as the Superintendent of Housekeeping at Facilities & Operations, the state-certified Pest Control Operator on campus, the System Administrator for the Special Teams/Blackboard Transaction System, a member of Auxiliary Services, and the F&O Building Trades Manager. He currently acts as the Director of Housekeeping & College House Facilities. 

Dan has performed minor parts in all but one of the Fum Follies,  advised the Bessie Smith Society (now inactive), and currently advises WFNM, the student-run radio/webcast station. He has also donated more than ten gallons of blood to the annual blood drive (although he doesn’t “personally know any vampires”), and is happy to continue subjecting students “to the same bad jokes year in and year out,” his excuse being, “My audience leaves every four years, why would I write new material?”  

“Too many memories, so much fun, excellent adventures and yes, they pay me to do this! I came here to work a few years and then climb the ladder to success/happiness somewhere else. I stayed because I realized just how wonderful F&M is. As a student you certainly consider it to be your college, but it’s been mine for over thirty years.”