In an integrated system, all functions have moving parts that directly affect others.  The budget creation and merit increase processes are two independent parts of the overall college budget that take place in different departments (Finance and Human Resources),  but must stay in synch.  Every transaction processed has the potential to cause the numbers to be out of synch, so limiting the types of transactions through the window of April 1 to mid-July is critical to maintaining accurate data.

Transactions that will be processed during this time are critical to the staffing of the college:

  1. New Hires
  2. Summer/Temp Hires
  3. New Faculty Hires starting July 1
  4. Reorganization changes
  5. Internal transfers


Transactions that must be effective prior to April 1 or after July 1

  1. Equity adjustments
  2. Miscellaneous increases to salary or hourly rate
  3. Title changes associated with a promotion
  4. Changes in work hours

All of the above transactions must follow the usual steps for requesting such an action (contacting HR with the request and approval from your Senior Officer).

Generally, when a promotion goes into effect on July 1, the merit increase for the past fiscal year is included in that amount.