Hiring Procedures

Overview of Steps in the Search Process

The following are steps to be completed by the manager with a vacancy or requesting a newly created position.  Please be aware that the HR will help guide you through these steps and welcomes the opportunity for discussion. 

Position Approval Process

  • To initiate the search process for full-time, part-time and temporary positions, please complete a Request to Hire Form . 

  • Provide an up-to-date position description to Human Resources. 

  • All requests for new positions and replacement positions will need to be authorized.  Human Resources will facilitate the formal authorization to hire process through the Senior Officer and Finance.  Formal authorization from both is required before any position may be advertised, and before any interviews may be conducted or offers of employment made.  If employment-related housing is being considered, please share this information with Human Resources.   Position Approvals can take 7-10 days to complete.

  • If the authorization to hire is approved, Human Resources will partner with you to create a job posting and recruitment plan.  

  • College vacancies will always be advertised on the F&M employment page for a minimum of seven days.  

Interview Process

Before a search begins, all those who will be involved in the selection process, and all those who will have contact with applicants for employment, are asked to carefully read these procedures, along with the Guidelines for Conducting an Effective Interviews and the College's Equal Employment Opportunity policy.  Any member of the selection/search committee who has not had prior interview skills training is encouraged to schedule a meeting with Human Resources.  

  • The Hiring Manager/Search Committee will screen resumes and determine who to interview based on the candidates that best possess the required qualifications outlined in the job description and posting. 

  • Budget-- Human Resources is responsible for authorizing expenditures associated with a professional staff search. Human Resources pays reasonable and necessary search expenses.  Search expenses may not be billed to Human Resources without prior approval from Human Resources.  Information for candidates who require travel accommodations.  Dining reimbursement will be provided for reasonable expenses. Reimbursement is not provided for the cost of alcoholic beverages.

  • Conduct interviews. Generally, a minimum of 3 applicants should be interviewed for a position. Initial phone interviews or email screenings may be conducted to help determine which candidates to invite to campus.  Be sure to notify the  HR which applicants have accepted an invitation to interview.

Selection Process
  • Check and document the references of candidates you plan to or have interviewed using the  Reference Check Form.  The candidate is to be notified, in advance, that his/her current and former employers will be contacted for a professional reference. Please be sure to receive the candidate's permission before contacting his/her current employer.  Forward documentation of your reference checks to Human Resources.
  • Once you have a lead candidate, document the reasons for the selection decision using the New Hire Documentation Form and forward the document with Human Resources.
  • Prior to making an offer of employment, consult with Human Resources  to determine a starting salary, and hire date for the lead candidate.  Human Resources conducts various background and credential checks, depending upon the position being hired.  It is the policy of the College that all new members of the professional staff must successfully complete a background check prior to employment.  Returning employees, who have a break in service longer than 6 months, must also successfully complete a background check before rejoining the College.  
  • Extend the job offer to the lead candidate.   In all offers of employment, it must be stated that the offer is contingent upon the successful completion of background checks and verification of credentials.   Background checks typically take 7-10 days to complete, are begun after the offer is accepted by the candidate, and must be complete before the individual may start working at F&M.
Candidate Notifications

Upon candidate acceptance of the offer of employment, promptly notify each internal applicant (i.e., current College employee) who applied but will not be offered the position, whether or not he/she was interviewed.   Notify any College alums who applied but will not be offered the position (whether or not interviewed) and any other candidates who were interviewed but will not be offered the position.  Human Resources will notify all other individuals who applied for the position.

New Hire Process

Human Resources will send a Welcome email that includes the new hire’s appointment information (position, salary, date of hire) and the necessary steps for them to accomplish for their pre-employment process (background check, education verification). Human Resources will keep the hiring manager on copy to all communications with the new hire.  Please note: If the new hire fails to return the requested documents or perform required steps in the new hire process, the start date may be delayed.

We are pleased to extend an institutional welcome to the new hire through our On-Boarding program.  Based on federal regulations, all new hires, including temporary employees, must report to New Employee Orientation within their first three days of employment. Hiring Managers are also, encouraged to create a department orientation for their new employee.