We are pleased to share information regarding making arrangements for candidates who have travel needs.

  • Reimbursement for Travel, Lodging, and Meals for Candidates-- Human Resources will reimburse a candidate for his/her reasonable expenses associated with traveling to campus for an interview. Human Resources does not provide reimbursement for expenses incurred by any guests traveling with the candidate, or for expenses associated with travel not directly related to the employment interview. Invoices for approved candidate travel may be forwarded to Human Resources.

    • P-Card Transactions: Human Resources will also handle Account Transfer Reimbursement Requests when a department uses a P-card for these expenses.
      Please include original, detailed receipts and the full accounting string when submitting expenses to HR.

  • Travel arrangements: for candidates who must travel to Lancaster are to be coordinated by the manager with the vacancy and the candidate.

    • Air travel arrangements may be made through Travel Time Travel Agency, Inc., unless more favorable rates can be obtained. Individuals are encouraged to explore online travel websites in order to obtain favorable rates.  If the candidate flies into PHL, they should be encouraged to take the train to Lancaster. If they fly into MDT, every effort should be made to pick them up in Harrisburg. You can arrange an airport shuttle through Auxiliary Services with a week's advance notice.

    • Train reservations should be made, and tickets purchased, directly through Amtrak.

    • Automobile mileage reimbursement for a candidate will be made at the College's standard rate. Requests for mileage reimbursement may be forwarded to the Associate Director, Human Resources.

    • Rental Car reimbursement must be preapproved by Human Resources only after all other means of transportation have been investigated.

  • Overnight stay:  will be necessary, the College Guest House, located at 445 College Avenue, is to be used whenever a room is available. To reserve a room at the Guest House, the department with the vacancy should complete the online reservation form at least one week in advance. A department member must obtain the room key from the Service Response Center. Keys are available after hours from the Public Safety office. If the College Guest House is not available, other possible hotels include the Lancaster Arts Hotel; the Hilton Garden Inn; and the Eden Resort Inn and Suites.