Franklin & Marshall College is committed to offering Transitional Work for our employees in the event that a work related injury is sustained which temporarily prevents the employee from performing his/her regular job duties.  Transitional Work in accommodation of parameters set forth by the treating physician will be offered in order to promote a smooth and timely transition from an injured state to a state of wellness and regained ability to perform regular job duties.


If an employee is injured while performing his/her job duties, or suffers an injury or illness as a result of the workplace or tasks that the employee must perform, he/she must report the injury to a manager within 24 hours of the injury or onset of illness.  The manager will then complete an “Injury Report Form for Work-related Injury or Illness” within 24 hours of the injury or onset of illness.

If it is determined that medical evaluation and/or treatment is indicated, the employee is to go to one of the providers listed on the approved listing.

In the event that our Medical Providers are closed / unavailable and the injured employee is initially evaluated / treated in a Hospital Emergency Department, the employee is expected to go to a designated Medical Provider the next day for re-evaluation, determination of work capacity, and ongoing treatment.


In the event that an employee sustains a work-related injury and is unable to meet their regular job requirements as a result of this injury, they will be eligible for Transitional Work.

Upon being offered Transitional Work for a work related injury, the employee is expected to accept such work, demonstrate good faith effort to rejoin Franklin & Marshall College’s workforce and complete their Transitional Work Program.  The employee is expected to report any difficulties they may encounter while performing Transitional Work to their Manager(s) immediately, or Human Resources if a Manager is not present.  Any difficulties will be evaluated by the Manager(s), the Director of Human Resources, the Administrator, the Claims Representative / Medical Case Manager, and/or the treating physician, if necessary, before any lost time will be authorized. Failure to timely report to work will cause the employee to be considered absent without authorization and the employee will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures, up to and including termination.  Failure to report to work may also result in termination of worker‘s compensation income benefits.

Transitional job duties have been identified and will be available in all departments.  If sufficient productive Transitional Work is not available in the employee’s department, the Human Resources Administrator, Director of Human Resources, and/or the employee’s Manager may consider providing appropriate Transitional Work in other departments.

The injured employee is responsible to keep their Manager and Human Resources Administrator updated regarding their medical treatment and their progressive work capabilities as set forth by the treating physician.

Upon medical release to return to regular job duties, the employee is responsible to notify their Manager and the Human Resources Administrator.

Employees who return to work in the Transitional Return to Work Program will be required to sign a Transitional Return to Work Responsibilities form.

Transitional duty is a temporary position and will be reassessed every 30 days and / or as medical physical restrictions are updated. Any transitional work assignment for greater than 90 days must be evaluated by Human Resources.

Employees who are participating in the Transitional Return to Work Program and who call in sick due to their injury should be referred to their worker’s compensation physician. The Manager must inform the Human Resources Administrator immediately to place a call to the physician’s office alerting them of the employee’s issue.