On-Campus Employment for F-1 Students

Most students will obtain their first paid job in the US on-campus working for an office, tutoring, or doing research.  Once you have obtained your first paying job, you will need to work with Jessica Haile in the International Student Services office to obtain your Social Security Number (more on the SSN below).  Also, please see the Campus Employment Steps document below for more information on the SSN process. Please direct specific questions to jessica.haile@fandm.edu.

You are permitted to work on campus up to 10 hours per week. While F-1 regulations allow you to work up to 20 hours of work per week on campus while classes are in session, the College is only able to provide students with ten hours of campus employment per week.  You may, however, work on campus full-time during Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer BreakThis is only for F-1 students - - students with other statuses (DACA, undocumented, permanent residents) will have other requirements and will need to figure out their own regulations and work permits.

Please note that you may not work off-campus even if positions are offered through F&M.  Examples include the College Hill Children's Center as well as the Ware Institute's Public Service Summer Internships (PSSI's), Manheim Summer Mentoring Program, and F&M Works program.  (Please read the next section if you are interested in doing one of the Ware Institute's programs as an Internship for Credit via Curricular Practical Training.  Note, you must have declared a major to do an internship.)

You may NOT work for Sodexo's Catering department, since many of their events are held at off-campus locations.  Furthermore, you would not be permitted to accept a clerical position at College Row in exchange for free housing.  This would qualify as employment, and does not fall into on-campus employment.  


In recent years USCIS and the Department of Labor have been scrutinizing volunteerism that should actually be paid employment (authorized).  This has a trickle down effect for unauthorized unpaid internships. By definition volunteerism is done for charitable and/or humanitarian purposes usually for a non-profit organization.  If you are looking to gain work experience you may most likely NOT do it through volunteerism.  Email Dean Haring (jharing@fandm.edu) with any questions before starting a volunteer opportunity.


Handouts: Steps for Employment & Internships

Campus Employment Steps for F-1 Students

U.S. Internship Authorization Process


Financial Matters

Your Social Security Number (SSN)

Our office assists all F-1 students in applying for a SSN.  A student in F-1 status must possess one of the following to apply for a Social Security number:

  • Evidence of an offer for on-campus employment (campus job or paid research); OR
  • Authorization to engage in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) on page 2 of the I-20 form; OR
  • An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) issued by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS).

Be aware that having a Social Security number does not authorize employment.  In fact, the card issued to you will read “valid for work only with the DHS authorization” because only USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security may grant employment authorization. Once this number is issued, it will serve the purpose of tracking your income for tax purposes. Please safeguard this very important document and keep it with your passport, as replacing it is a complicated process.  Please come to office hours, or make an appointment with Jessica Haile to discuss the process for obtaining your SSN.

The Social Security Administration web site is also a useful resource: www.ssa.gov

If you qualify to apply for a SSN, you will need to take the following items to a Social Security Administration office to apply for a number:

On Campus Employment:
  • Valid passport
  • Valid I-94 card print out:   www.cbp.gov/I94 (Forms I-94 are no longer being handed out in paper form.)
  • Current I-20
  • Employment Verification Form (completed by your supervisor and Jessica Haile)

The name you provide on all employment forms must be your name EXACTLY as it appears on your Social Security Card. 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT):
  • Valid passport

  • Valid I-94 card print out from here:   www.cbp.gov/I94 (Forms I-94 are no longer being handed out in paper form.)
  • All previously held I-20 forms
  • Current I-20 showing authorization for CPT employment (on page 3)
  • Offer letter from your internship
Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Severe Economic Hardship (SEH):
  • Valid passport

  • Valid I-94 printout:   www.cbp.gov/I94 (Forms I-94 are no longer being handed out in paper form.)

  • Current I-20

  • All previously held I-20 forms

  • Valid EAD issued by the DHS (Employment Authorization card received once OPT is approved)

The SSA must confirm your status with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and it may take a few weeks before a Social Security number is issued to you. If the SSA is unable to confirm your Status with DHS, they will still issue you a receipt showing that you applied for the card. But, it will also address the delay stating that it could take up to four weeks to verify your documents.​  

In most cases, we ask that you have the card sent to the International Programs Office for photocopying/safekeeping,  and we will let you know when it can be picked up.

Filing Taxes: 
Every International Student; Every Spring.

Documents you will need:


  • W-2's will become available by January 31st each year.  If you worked on campus during the previous calendar year then you will have a W-2.  You can easily access your W-2 via Inside F&M.  W-2's will also be sent home to permanent addresses on file with the College, which is usually the home address (abroad) for international students.  File your taxes with one of these two original W-2's.

  • Please note that students will send a section of their W-2 with both their federal and state tax return.  Each section is notated for how it should be used (example - for federal use).

FORM 1042-S

  • In addition to the W-2, a small group of international students will also receive Form 1042-S from the Business Office.  
  • This form is issued to account for monetary awards given by the College and financial aid (grant) monies that funded Room & Board during the tax year in question after tuition was funded in full by financial aid.
Federal Tax Filing Process:

All current international students at F&M will receive an access code to Glacier Tax Prep (GTP), an on-line tax preparation program designed specifically for international students.  All students should complete this process if they were present in the US for any part of the tax year in question regardless of if income was earned.  If income was not earned during the tax year in question, then it will be a short process in GTP.  Questions about GTP should be directed to their customer service staff at:  support@glaciertax.com.  Please note that the Office of International Programs cannot provide tax advisement.

Be sure to sign your federal tax forms where indicated in English, and make a copy of your tax documents before you mail them to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The instructions that print out with the tax forms will tell students what to send and to where.  It is not possible for international students to submit this form on-line.

Please note that by law international students are not eligible to use form 1040 or 1040-EZ to file.  This means that international students cannot use Turbo Tax, Tax Act, or any other general tax program that wasn't designed specifically for international students.  International students are also not eligible to use V.I.T.A. on campus, as V.I.T.A. uses these general forms.  Doing so would be illegal.

State Taxes (PA) Filing Process:

All students who earned more than $33 during the tax year in question should file the PA-40.  This is a brief form that can be completed on-line or by paper.  All international students are provided with a sample PA-40 completed in student format.  Most students break even on the PA-40, meaning no refund or payment is expected.  Most students use the "No Payment or No Refund" address (paper filing).  Please note there are separate addresses for Payment Enclosed and Refund or Credit Requested scenarios.  Be sure to copy your PA-40 before mailing it to the PA Department of Revenue.

Filing Taxes while Away from the College:
  • Students studying abroad or on a leave of absence can access a copy of their W-2 via Inside F&M.  To request a mailed copy, please email Payroll@fandm.edu and provide them with your current mailing address.  Students can file both federal and state tax returns from abroad.
  • For Graduates on Optional Practical Training - please see the Graduates Section for specific tax instructions and considerations for your situation. 


Mandatory Federal and Stave Government Deadlines

Each year current international students can expect details about filing taxes including the filing deadline from the Assistant Dean for International Student Services by email.  There is usually one standard deadline in mid-April.