Planning for your F&M Experience as an International Student

Preparing to attend college can be a daunting task.  Add in all the immigration documents, and extra steps that international students need to complete, and it can get confusing!  Follow the steps below to navigate your preparation for being a Franklin & Marshall F-1 visa student.  

For the Class of 2024:  More information will be added to the links below as more orientation plans and intake processes are finalized.   Your F&M portal will be a helpful tool for keeping on track for all-student things, and emails from International Student Services will keep you on track for immigration-related items.

Below you will find an outline of important dates for students arriving for the fall semester. 

In the meantime, if you have specific questions, feel free to email Assistant Dean for International Student Services, Jessica Haile or Adviser Alyssa Hostetter  


Important Dates for Students Arriving in August 2020

Mid April 2020:  Begin to apply for your  Form I-20.  Emails from International Student Services will include links and instructions.  International Student Services issues this government form.

Late April 2020: Earliest you can apply for your F-1 visa (120 days from Program Start Date which is move-in day).  You will apply for your visa with the US Consulate in your country.

July 26, 2020: Earliest Arrival Date in the US as an F-1 Student, 30 days before Program Start Date - this date is printed on your I-20. Do NOT arrive on a visa earlier than this date.  If you are admitted as a tourist before this date, you would need to leave the US and reenter as an F-1 student. Travel reccomendations can be found on our page, and the Admission website.

**Note that you are responsible for housing before any F&M programming begins. Additionally, parents and guests are not allowed to stay in the dorms.  Housing reccomendations can be found here or arrangements with International Students Services.

July 28, 2020:  Arrival Day for participants in the Intensive English Program

August 25, 2020:  Mandatory Arrival Day for new F-1 International Students (those not participating in the English Program)

August 26-28, 2020: International Orientation Programming (mandatory for F-1 students)

August 29 - September 1, 2020: Beginning of all-student orientation 

September 2, 2020:  Fall semester classes begin

December 20, 2020: Last day of final exams for the fall semester.  Students who will travel for breaks will book travel for the following day. You will not know the days you will have exams until receiving information from professors during the semester.  Classes will resume on January