Language Requirement Waiver

If you grew up in a country where English was not your first language, you are eligible for a waiver of the College's Language Studies requirement towards graduation.  You must fill out an application to request waiving this requirement.  

See the Registrar's Office Forms Bank for the application titled  LSR Waiver.  The completed form should be emailed to the address at the top of the form.

Statement on Class Attendance & Absences

Students at F&M have a responsibility to attend all of their classes, and be proactive in addressing any issues they are having with professors.  Students will not have a positive outcome if they wait to ask for help until they far behind in a course.  Professors care about you - reach out to them.

If you are having a physical or psychological issue that is preventing you from fulfilling your academic obligations, it is very important that you not only address this with your professor, but that you visit our Student Wellness Center to get the help you need.  Prolonged periods of absence without any communication to professors is not acceptable.  It is also important that you have major illnesses/issues documented with the Wellness Center in case you ever need to prove that you had the issue and need to request special accommodations (example - part-time status).  Simply utilizing the Wellness Center will not solve your problems, but they can help you to develop a plan to stay on track, as well as coping mechanisms. Be proactive. 

F&M has so many resources available to students to help them manage their academics, and seek academic/personal assistance, if needed.  See below and take advantage of them.  You'll thank yourself later.

As an F-1 student, your academics must always come first - as that is the reason for your visa.  The Program End Dates on your I-20 and in your SEVIS record are the dates we expect you to finish your degree.  Extensions to these dates can only be made with the most compelling circumstances (meaning documented medical issues or academic pursuits).  One of the terms of F-1 status is making normal academic progress, which at F&M means finishing in four years and usually taking four classes per semester.  You should be in touch with our office anytime you anticipate your completion dates not matching your I-20 dates in order to remain in status.  This is your responsibility. 

ESOL Writing and Academic Support for First- Year International Students 

One-on-one individual ESOL Tutoring sessions are available to first-year international students throughout the academic year.  In exceptional circumstances, and upon recommendation from a faculty member, sophomores may also use the tutoring services. 

ESOL Tutoring is provided by Dr. Nadia Mann. Appointments are for one hour at a time, and are held in the F&M Writing Center.  

International students who would like to discuss other issues, including time management, study skills, class participation and discussion strategies, and adjusting to US academic culture, can schedule a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Mann at the Joseph International Center. 

More information about ESOL tutoring  and Academic Skills Appointments can be found here.

Summer Courses & Transfer Credit 

Couses Approved Off-Campus Study Abroad by F&M

That there are a number of off-campus study programs already approved by the College for summer and semester credit abroad.  Office of International Programs staff provide advisement on these programs and the application process.  To get started, browse approved programs, and view the application process.  All students should plan to attend a Starting Points meeting.  Note that programs and F&M may have different application deadlines.  


Courses Outside the US (including in your Home Country)

For F-1 students planning to study abroad on a non-F&M-approved summer program (including in your home country), there are extra considerations to keep in mind.

Please make sure you understand the following:

  • Neither the Office of the Registrar nor the Office of International Programs can confirm or guarantee credit transfer in advance.
  • Once the foreign transcript is received by the Office of the Registrar, you may be required to pay a foreign educational credential evaluation service to have the transcript evaluated, which could be costly, and still does not guarantee credit will transfer back to F&M.
  • By choosing to participate on a non-approved program, Franklin & Marshall College cannot verify the quality of the educational experience at the host institution and will not be able to provide assistance throughout the application process.
  • In all cases, before taking courses at another institution you should first talk to your faculty advisor.
  • Click here for additional details.
  • If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joan Kauffman in the Registrar's Office  by email or by telephone at 717-358-4309.


Courses Within the United States

If you are planning to take summer courses at another institution within the United States, please note the following procedures.  


There are two ways of seeking transfer approval:

1.  Complete and submit the online course transfer request form.  Be sure to carefully read the College's policy for transfer of credit after matriculation.  Once the Registrar's Office receives your completed form, they will send your request to the appropriate department chairperson for approval, with a copy to you.  


2.  There is a blue paper form, located in the lobby of the Registrar's Office, which is particularly useful when departments require additional course materials to be attached with the transfer request.  Complete the form and take it, along with the course description and if possible, the syllabus, to the appropriate department chairperson.  Please read carefully the "Policy Regarding Transfer of Courses Taken at Accredited Institutions other than F&M" on the second page. If you are seeking credit for your major or minor, make sure such has been clearly indicated on the form by the department chair.  If the course is approved, the chair will sign the form and you should return the completed form to the Registrar's Office for approval verification.

Each year, summer session chemistry courses that students desire to take for credit at other institutions are reviewed using specific criteria.  These criteria are available from Professor Marcus Thomsen or from the F&M Chemistry Department.  The available information about each course is carefully evaluated before a decision about eligibility for transfer credit is made.  Please note that because chemistry curricula change over time, chemistry courses at a particular institution that were approved for transfer to F&M in previous years may not meet the criteria for approval in the current year, and conversely courses that previously were not approved at an institution might now meet the criteria.  Prior to enrolling in any course, students are expected to contact Professor Thomsen, who is willing and able to assist students with the process for requesting approval of courses for possible transfer to F&M.  Failure to obtain prior approval of a course may result in completion of a course that does not meet the criteria for transfer to F&M.

Please refer to the Biology Department  for information on transferring biology courses from other colleges or universities.

Please note that students are typically not allowed to take courses for F&M credit while on a leave of absence.
If you have questions about how summer study or other enrollments might affect your F-1 status, do not hestiate to contact our office.
Other Support Services 

F&M Writing Center:  Offers help with any type of writing assignment, including lab reports.  Also helps with oral and PowerPoint presentations.  Make appointments well in advance, they will book quickly! 

Quantitative and Science Center (Q&SC): hub of science and quantitative tutoring at F&M. Located in Martin Library, Q&SC offers tutoring for selected biology, chemistry, physics, economics, BOS, computer science, and stat classes. 

Library Research Services: Visit the Research Desk or office on the first floor of Shadek-Fackenthal Library, or contact via chat, phone or email as indicated on their website or personal assistance by appointment.   Learn how to make the most of the many sources at your fingertips!

Assistance via Individual Academic Departments: Spanish Language,  Spanish Writing,  Math,  Other language departments often have language tutors/workshops on language-specific study skills throughout the semester.

Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS):  Provides access for students with diagnosed learning difficulties and physical disabilities. 

F&M Technology Resources -  Participate in online modules and training on a range of topics, including computer software like the Microsoft Office Suite and college study skills/time management.

Student Wellness Center:  Outpatient health and counseling center coordinated with Lancaster General Health in College Square (next to the ASFC gym accross Harrisburg Ave).   Individual and group meetings can help students develop healthy behaviors to better succeed in and out of the classroom.  A stress relief, study skills, and coping self-help section is also available.