Spring Break/CyberWeeks 2020

STATEMENT from OIP regarding Spring Break travel and the Coronavirus concerns:

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is monitoring 2019-nCoV (the Coronavirus) and advising caution for students planning to travel during spring break and during the online-only period of instruction.     

Dear F-1 students:     Actions by the US government and worldwide health organizations over the last 24 hours have promoted us to release the following statements - you should read them carefully and take them into full consideration when planning for the next three weeks. 

Currently there are no bans on domestic travel, but travel at your own risk - Travel should be considered risky due to the exposure possibility in airports and the fact that this is a situation changing at every moment.  We do not have a crystal ball to help us know what will come next. Many of you are asking about traveling over spring break and this is our official stance:  There are currently no restrictions on domestic travel - however, it is up to each student to understand the risk of traveling to a new/more populated area.  For these reasons, the College has cancelled all student/athlete/faculty trips occurring over spring break.  An abundance of caution is important in this unprecedented and ever-changing situation and nothing can be certain with travel restrictions. Unlike some schools, F&M remains open during break and online-courses for housing and meals, with all the resources needed to complete courses for students that need to remain.  We encourage you to take advantage of the resources we are keeping available to you.  You can remain on campus during the weeks of March 23 and 30 by registering here

Regarding INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, not advised: On Wednesday night, the US government issued a ban on all travel from Europe (with the exception of the UK) for the next 30 days for non- US citizens/permanent residents.  This means if you travel to Europe over spring break, you will not be permitted back into the US until at least the middle of April.   We should be prepared for the possibility of further travel restrictions - all without much notice.  Our office is strongly encouraging students to stay in the US due to the current uncertainty.  At this point we cannot forbid you to travel, but please know that we also cannot guarantee a smooth return in the weeks to come, you could be forced to quarantine or even not return to the US at all.  F&M remains open for housing and meals, with all the resources needed to complete courses for students that need to remain.  We encourage you to take advantage of the resources we are keeping available to you.  

Many of you have asked what would happen if you went to your home country for the remainder of the semester.  There is NO WAY we can guarantee or organize that you can complete your current courses, should you leave campus for the semester.  The college's current guidance and policy states that classes will return to an in-person format effective April 6th.   At that point, professors will expect their students to be back in classes and will resume their normal classroom environment.  Moving online is a heavy burden for professors and they cannot accommodate teaching some online and some in-person.  We understand that this is a concern but there is considerable risk to travel with not being allowed to reenter or complete coursework from home. 

Additionally, students that cannot remain enrolled in a full course of study for the semester will put their immigration status at risk.  Currently, there is no guidance that would allow for leniency on the full-time status requirement. 

Specifically for Chinese residents or citizens:  Since early February, travel from China has been severely restricted.  Chinese nationals holding non-immigrant visas are not allowed to come into the US.  We have no way of knowing right now, if you leave the US, when you will be permitted to return. Any travel should be carefully weighed with the possibility that these restrictions could last through the summer.   

*Additionally, current estimates for Chinese visa appointments show that waits could/will last through the summer and into the fall.  This means if your visa will expire anytime before next Fall you should reconsider travel home to China.

For F-1 students who are currently studying abroad: We know that your programs are in ever-evolving stages of operations.  Please work carefully with your programs to determine best courses of action for your specific situations, should a program be changed. Refer to any guidance sent from the F&M Study Abroad office in statements.  We will be in touch with you separately should your program close.

 We will continue to provide further guidance as it becomes available.
 - March 12 2020



Spring Break begins AFTER your final class on Friday, March 13, 2020.  Classes resume on Monday, 23, 2020.  

*College administrative offices are closed Monday, March 16th.  Public Safety Blue Line, and the College Center Grille (12-4pm) are the exceptions to this vacation day.  Other College Center operations will not be available that Monday.*


Any students who wish to remain on campus for ANY part of the break (Friday 3/13 night - Sunday 3/22 morning) MUST register (including athletes).  Students who live off-campus are also asked to register for safety purposes.  If students do not register, their ID Card access to buildings will be inactive during the break.  Registration is completed via the form here.  

Airport Shuttles:

The College has shuttles that travel to Baltimore (BWI), Philadelphia (PHL), and Harrisburg (MDT) airports.  Shuttles will travel to the airports for departures on Friday 3/13.  To review schedules, pay the shuttle fee, and get more information, visit: https://www.fandm.edu/administrative-services/break-shuttles-and-transportation

  • Lunch on Friday March 13, 2020 is the final meal plan meal before the break. 
  • The spring semester meal plan resumes with DINNER on Sunday March 22, 2020.
  • Spring Break Meal Plan

                    From 3/14-3/22 the College has offered students a Spring Break meal plan of two meals per day other than Sunday 3/22 when only 1 meal will be provided on this meal plan. The dining locations and times that are open to serve all students (meal swipes or cash/credit) over the Spring Break are as follows:

    Blue Line: 8 am-3pm daily- (accepting spring break meal swipes, cash/credit or Ben’s Bucks)

    Steinman Grille: 12:00 noon-4pm daily- (spring break meal swipes only, cash/credit or Ben’s Bucks)

    Dining Hall Grille side: 5-7PM (excluding Sunday 3/22) a spring break meal swipe or the door price of $9, accepting cash/credit or Ben’s Bucks

    Spring Semester Meal Plan - 

    The Spring semester meal plan resumes with Dinner on Sunday 3/22 at 5pm (Dining Hall only).  Monday 3/23 food service venues will reopen at the normal times, excluding Flavor’s in LSP. Flavor’s will be closed due to the cancellation of classes until April 3 at the earliest, bit will reopen when classes resume. The Dining Hall will open with all food stations as normal, the delivery of food service will be modified at some stations to ensure proper food handling and student/community safety. Student participation in the dining hall will be closely monitored the first few days and adjustments, (reduced services) may be made based on utilization.

    Blue Line and Steinman Center will return to normal semester schedule and offerings. The offerings in Steinman may be modified based on participation at the individual venues.

    Please be aware that adjustments to the food services provided may change without notice.

  • College House kitchen access will vary over the break. A message will be sent directly from your College House Dean shortly before the break about times and access.  
  • Students are reminded that it is violation of housing policy to cook in their rooms (at any point of the year). 
  • In-season athletes should speak with their coaches regarding meals provided during the spring break week.


  • Students are reminded that staying in their own rooms during campus breaks is a privilege and they are expected to keep trash cans from overflowing and public spaces clean.  
  • If a student has ID card access issues during the break, they should email access@fandm.eduIf you are having an emergency that cannot wait, please contact/visit Public Safety for a one time assist. 
  • Custodial services will be on a reduced schedule as well to allow - please be considerate of trash and cleanliness around the dorms. 
  • The Lancaster Loop shuttle will run to the usual locations at the following times from outside the College Center:
    • Saturday 3/14:  12 p.m. - 6 p.m. (Central Market open until 2 p.m.)
    • Tuesday 3/17:  9 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Central Market open all day until 4 p.m.)
    • Friday 3/20:  12 p.m. - 6 p.m. (Central Market open until 4 p.m.)
  • Local bus routes are an affordable and quick option for getting off campus.  
  • Enterprise car share is available on campus - see instructions and policies here.


Health & Safety:
  • The F&M Wellness Center in College Square will be open Tuesday-Friday of Spring Break Week, during their regular hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  (They will be closed on Monday 3/16)
  • The F&M Department of Public Safety is open 24 hours a day throughout the break. They will be patrolling the campus and dorms each day.  Additionally, there will be HAs around on duty.
  • In the event of an emergency, please dial 717-358-3939 or 911.
  • Lancaster General Hospital Urgent Care (check site for hours) and Emergency Room (always open) are located in Lancaster city.  
  • The Wellness Center and DipCares websites have a lot of information for local assistance as well. (Scroll down for off-campus resources on these sites)


If you are travelling:
  • Make sure you tell someone where you are going if you are leaving campus (such as a friend) and when you plan to come back.
  • Take emergency contact information for F&M with you (DPS's number 717-358-3939 and Dean Haile's email jhaile1@fandm.edu)
  • If  an international student is leaving Lancaster, they are advised to take all immigration documents.  NEVER take your social security card with you on your travels.
  • Secure your immigration documents at all times - campus breaks are the most common time for passports and other personal items to be stolen or lost in transit.
  • If an F-1 international student is leaving the US - make sure you have the following to re-enter the US:
    • Passport valid for at least 6 months into the future.
    • Valid F-1 visa.
    • Updated travel signature on page 2 of your Form I-20.  The latest signature must be less than one-year old when you enter the US.
      • For example, if your I-20 was last signed for travel on 5/20/2019 - that signature will work with the other items above until 5/19/2020​​

​Please see the statement at the top of the page for the most up to date guidance from International Programs regarding travel during break with regard to the 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus outbreak).