Types of Letters 

* Please note that letters are written on Tuesdays. Please plan to receive/pick up your letter the Wednesday after it is requested.*

Enrollment Verification Letter:  Please fill out this form if you need a verification of your attendance at F&M.  These letters are typically used in your home country or if you are applying for a visa for the purpose of study abroad for academic credit.

Enrollment Verification for Travel Visa (tourist purposes):  If you need a letter for tourist travel (usually during the academic breaks), please use this form. If you need a letter for Study Abroad purposes, please use the letter request above, instead.

Family Visitation Letter:  Either for general family travel to the US or specifically for graduation. This letter can be used by people who wish to travel to the US for the purpose of visiting you. they can present it as a invitation when applying for a visa and carry with them when traveling.

These are the most common letters that students ask for, but if you have a different need, please email Dean Haile and we can determine the best wording and details for your need.

Need a letter specifically for a PA Drivers License or PA State ID card? see next section below. 

PA Driver's License or State ID Letters 

 When you go to apply for the ID/Drivers License, you will need to take a letter from the International Office that serves two purposes:  confirms your F-1 status, as well as provides one proof of your PA residency 

You'll need to provide another document that provides a second proof of residency.  Usually students can use a bank account statement as long as it has a PA address on it for you (printed from your online banking is usually fine).  If you have an apartment lease or utility bill with your name on it, that will also work.

In order to write your confirmation letter, Dean Haile needs to know what address is on that document you will use.  You can email her (jhaile1@fandm.edu) that information.  

Requesting a Transcript? 

Students must request transcripts themselves.  No one can request a transcript on their behalf.

Please see the Registrar's Office site for instructions and policies.