What is Expected of You 

You are required to remain in contact with International Programs while you are on OPT.  In the eyes of the government, you are still considered an F-1 student associated with Franklin & Marshall. 

The following details MUST be reported to International Programs within 10 days via this form when you are on authorized Optional Practical Training (OPT):

  • Personal address in the US (even if you are just crashing on a couch!)
  • Employer's name, address
  • Title of your position, start date (and end date if available), hours worked per week.
  • Explanation of how the work is related to your F&M major

You are allowed no more than 90 days of unemployment during your 12 months of OPT.  SEVIS does keep track of  days of unemployment and will auto-terminate your lawful status in the US if you fail to report your OPT details on time.

To apply for a SSN while you are on OPT, please see the employment page under current students, scroll down to Your Social Security Number (SSN).  

Travel While on OPT 

If you are traveling while on Optional Practical Training you will need the following documentation to re-enter the US:

•    An I-20 Form endorsed within the last 6 months by a Designated School Official (Need a more recent signature? Email Jessica Haile to have a new I-20 mailed to your US address)

•    Employment Authorization Document (EAD card)

•    Letter from your employer verifying the job to which you are returning 

•    Valid F-1 visa

•    Valid passport


If you are traveling while your OPT application is pending, you will need the following documentation:

•    An I-20 Form endorsed within the last 6 months by a Designated School Official.

•    Your official USCIS receipt documenting your application for OPT.

•    Valid F-1 visa.

•    Valid passport.

For more information and advice on how to avoid complications, please visit the Office of International Programs before leaving the United States. ​