The Investment Office manages $500 million of endowment, trusts, annuity, and operating cash flow funds.

The primary mission of the Investment Office at Franklin & Marshall is to invest the endowment to maximize the annual draw available to support the academic goals of the College, while ensuring that tomorrow's students receive the same benefit from the endowment as today's.  The Investment and Finance Committees of the Board of Trustees set the policies, including the strategic asset allocation, spending, socially responsible investing and liquidity.  In 2014 the College chose Hirtle Callaghan to act as its chief investment officer for the pooled endowment funds.  

The Investment Office works with Hirtle Callaghan and other key partners to manage the fund flows and investment transactions for the pooled endowment, and trust and annuity contracts.  The Office also manages the investment of the short-term cash to meet the cash flow needs of the College while preserving principal and generating returns.


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Phone: 717-358-4303
Fax: 717-358-4207

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Investment Office
Franklin & Marshall College
P.O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003


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