Organization and
Core Values 

Information Technology Services (ITS) is organized into 4 teams with a single mission, a shared set of priorities and a desire to collaborate with our community.

  • Enterprise Systems & Web Services
  • ​Instructional & Emerging Technologies
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Technology Support Services



ITS Core Values 

All employees of Information Technology Services are expected to demonstrate their commitment to our articulated core values:

  • We are a strategic partner in every aspect of the College’s operations and aspirations.

  • We provide exemplary service.

  • We are experts in our field.

  • We are careful and proactive stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

  • We value input from our stakeholders.

  • We use data for decision-making and leverage best practices in project management.

  • We drive innovation.



ITS  works with several committees to deliver services that meet the needs of the College.

College Information Technology Committee (CITC)
This committee advises the President, and the Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, on all significant issues involving IT at the College. Ideas about information technology may be submitted to the Committee by sending an email to

Administrative IT Advisory Group (AdminIT)
AdminIT is a strategic and tactical advisory group, charged by the College Information Technology Committee (CITC).  The primary expectation for the group is to advise the CIO and ITS's Enterprise Systems & Web Services group.

Committee on Instructional and Research Support (CIRS) 
This committee advises ITS and the College Libraries on matters relating to the use of technology, information resources, space design, and faculty support as part of the academic program of the College.

Technology Committee
This Trustee committee is responsible for the oversight of technology strategies, goals and policies and is charged to encourage excellence in the stewardship of the College’s technology investments and resources.