3/24/2021 Terry Davidson

Quick Access Feature - Google Meet

Google Meet now allows hosts to control whether attendees can join a meeting before the host arrives, or even to continue conversations after a host has left. Be sure to especially understand this feature when hosting recurring Google Meet events.

As a meeting organizer, you can use Quick Access to decide if participants must ask to join the video meeting. Quick access is turned on by default. After you start a video meeting, you can change the setting as often as you need, using Meet on a computer.

When Quick access is ON:

When Quick access is OFF:

  • Participants from F&M can automatically join the meeting using their computer or mobile device.
  • Participants who dial into the meeting using their phone can automatically join.
  • ALL participants must ask to join the meeting. This includes people who dial into the meeting by phone.
  • People who are invited during the meeting by someone other than you must ask to join.

Ending a Meeting: Organizers (Hosts) that select the option "End meeting for all"  will cause the meeting to end for everyone, will remove all participants from the meeting (even mobile users), and will automatically turn OFF Quick Access. If the meeting is a recurring meeting and you exit using "End meeting for all," your future calendar items will be updated and Quick Access will be turned OFF, even if you had enabled it. If the same meeting link is used to restart the meeting (a recurring meeting), the organizer can turn Quick Access on again if they want.

If the meeting host would want to leave the meeting but not end it for everyone, or have their recurring settings altered (if applicable), they would click the "Leave meeting" option.  

Current employees and students may wish to refer to our Technology Guideline for details about using Google Meet at F&M.

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