9/01/2021 Terry Davidson

Update your Access Privileges on your ID Card

If you haven’t been on campus for a while your ID card may not have the latest information on what doors you can open with your ID card. To update your card, go to one of our Access Update locations and hold your card in close proximity to the card reader until the indicator light stops flashing.

If you should have any questions about how your Access card works, we have a document that provides answers to several Frequently Asked Questions

See our ID Card and Access Technology Guideline for complete details on using your F&M ID card.

You can also reach the Card Services staff by sending an email to access@fandm.edu or visiting the card services website at go.fandm.edu/cardservices.  This site also provides a calendar that lists when staff is available for walk-in service, should you wish to stop by for assistance.



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