Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry



Office: Franklin & Marshall College

Office: HAC 303A
Lab: HAC 310

Spring 2017 Office Hours: Mondays 9 - 10 AM, Wednesdays 1 - 2 PM, Fridays 10 - 11 AM, or by appointment



University of Texas at Austin, PostDoc, 2012-2014

University of Texas at Austin, PhD in Organic Chemistry, 2012

Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, BS in Chemistry, 2006


Heterocyclic chemistry; synthesis of therapeutic agents; pterin chemistry



Cammarata, M.;  Lin, K.; Pruet, J.;  Liu, H.; Brodbelt, J. Probing the Unfolding of Myoglobin and Domain C of PARP-1 with Covalent Labeling and Top-Down Ultraviolet Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry.  Anal. Chem 201486 (5), 2534–2542

O'Brien, J.; Pruet, J.; Brodbelt, J.Chromogenic Chemical Probe for Protein Structural Characterization via Ultraviolet Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry. Anal. Chem 201385 (15), 7391–7397 

Wiget, P. A.; Manzano, L. A.; Pruet, J. M.; Gao, G.; Saito, R.; Monzingo, A. F.; Jasheway, J. R.; Robertus, J. D.; Anslyn, E. V. Sulfur incorporation generally improves Ricin inhibition in pterin- appended glycine-phenylalanine dipeptide mimics.  Bioorg. Med. Chem Lett. 201323, 6799–6804

Saito, R.; Pruet, J. M.; Manzano, L. A.; Jasheway, K.; Monzingo, A. F.; Wiget, P. A.; Kamat, I.; Anslyn, E. V.; Robertus, J. D.Peptide-conjugated pterins as inhibitors of Ricin Toxin A.  J Med Chem. 2013, 56(1), 320-329

Pruet, J.; Saito, R.; Manzano, L.; Jasheway, K.; Wiget, P.; Kamat, I.; Anslyn, E.; Robertus, J. Optimized 5-membered heterocycle-linked pterins for the inhibition of Ricin Toxin A.  ACS Med Chem Lett 20123, 588-591.

Jasheway, K.; Pruet, J.; Anslyn, E. V.; Robertus, J. D. Structure based design of ricin inhibitors. Toxins 20113, 1233-1248.

Pruet, J. M.; Jasheway, K. R.; Manzano, L. A.; Bai, Y.; Anslyn, E. V.; Robertus, J. D.7-Substituted pterins provide a new direction for ricin A chain inhibitors.  European Journal of Med. Chem. 201146(9), 3608-3615 

Pruet, J. M.; Robertus, J. D.; Anslyn, E. V. Acyl radical insertion for the direct formation of seven-substituted pterin analogs.  Tettrahedron Lett. 201051(18), 2539-2540

Course Information 

Dr. Pruet teaches the following courses:

CHM 111/112 - General Chemistry I & II
CHM 211/212 - Organic Chemistry I & II