• Jennifer Morford
Professor of Chemistry



Office: HAC306

Office: HAC 306 
Lab: ​HAC 308/308A

Spring 2021: On Sabbatical Leave


B.S. Boston College, 1994
Ph.D. University of Washington, 1999


My research focuses on better understanding trace metal cycling in the marine environment. Since metals do not degrade, metal accumulation can be used to understand changes in the amount of metals being added to the marine environment and/or changes in conditions that affect metal accumulation over time. To improve our understanding of metal cycling, we study sediments obtained from marine waters. Because of the complexity of environmental samples, my research group also studies single mineral phases in conjunction with simple organic molecules in the laboratory to discern individual controls on metal adsorption that might be occurring in the environment. Both approaches provide us with information regarding metal sequestration in sediments under various conditions.


1999 - Present
(Undergraduate student coauthor are in bold.)

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Course Information

Dr. Morford teaches the following courses:

Chem 111/112 - General Chemistry I and II
Chem 221 - Chemical Analysis
Chem 373 - Environmental Chemistry