Assistant Professor of Psychology & Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind



Office: 132E LPS


Ph.D. Psychology, University of Chicago, 2015

M.A. Psychology, University of Maryland, 2010

B.Phil Psychology & Anthropology, Magna Cum Laude, University of Pittsburgh, 2007


Research Interests

The ability to learn and remember social information is important for human development. This is particularly true in infancy and early childhood, when learning about things like cultural norms, language, and moral values is dependent on the information provided by social partners. 

Professor Howard's  resarch focuses on the social contexts that form the foundation for early learning and memory. How and when do children choose which type of person to learn from? How does early social experience shape this selective learning? Are social situations fundamentally better for learning and memory early in life? By combining behavioral, eye-tracking, and electrophysiological (event-related potential; ERP) methodologies, the Early Social Cognition Lab examines the importance and intricacies of social learning across early development.

In addition to studying human memory development, Professor Howard has expanded her research paradigms to non-human primates such as Gorillas, Chimpanzees,  Macaque and Capuchin monkeys. 

More information about the Early Social Cognition Lab (part of F&M's Development and Experience Center) can be found at

Interested in Gaining Research Experience?

Research assistant and 490 slots for the Fall 2017 Semester have now been filled. 

If you are interested in early development, social cognition, or memory, contact Professor Howard about volunteer research opportunities.



Fall 2017:

Psy 305. Cognitive Psychology

Psy 100. Introduction to Psychology Laboratory

Spring 2018: 

Psy 304. Developmental Psychology

Psy 483. Collaborative in Human Cognition