Courses Offered 

A list of regularly offered courses follows. Please note the key for the following abbreviations: (A) Arts; (H) Humanities; (S) Social Sciences; (N) Natural Sciences with Laboratory; (LS) Language Studies requirement; (NSP) Natural Science in Perspective; (NW) Non-Western Cultures requirement.

101. Introduction to Linguistics. (H)

What is language? Is it an instinct, a behavior, an art, or a cultural artifact? Why do we talk? Why can we talk? This course examines the systematic nature of language through readings, class discussions, problem solving and group work in order to explore the core components of human language: sounds, words, sentences and meaning. Offered every Fall.             

Armstrong, Cox

120. Sociolinguistics. (H)

An exploration of the relationship between language and society. Special attention will be paid to language variation (dialects, creoles and pidgins) and language in society (multilingualism, slang, language prejudice and gender). Readings, films, discussions and group work will prepare students for field work.     

Armstrong, Cox


Topics Courses Expected to be Offered in 2018-2019 
  • Psycholinguistics. (H)