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Bookshelf: Summer 2010

W  Haiku Barry George ‘76 George’s first collection of poetry features haiku that blend a distinctly urban content with the nature-oriented perspective of traditional haiku. (Accents Publishing, 2010)

and Falling, Fly Skyler White (Laura Hampton ’90) White’s debut is a “trippy urban fantasy, an esoteric battle between myth and science told in floods of evocative prose,” according to Publishers Weekly. The novel pits the fallen angel of desire, Olivia, now a vampire, against a self-medicating neuroscientist, Dominic, to explore the nature of feminine desire. (Berkley Trade, 2010)

Bible Stories for Adults H. Richard Neff ‘54 Neff’s book chronicles the defin-ing stories in the Old Testament by combining the vividness of a children’s book with scholarly Biblical commentary. The book is aimed at an adult audience. (Vantage Press, 2010)

Compleet Bear Jack Graybill ‘52 From the woods of Northwest New Jersey comes an engaging story about a black bear that becomes a world-class baseball star and leads its team to a world title. The Bruedocks, a tightly knit family, adopt Compleet and he becomes part of the family. (Tate Publishing, 2010)

Full Mortality Lynda Sasscer Hill ‘73 Jockey Nikki Latrelle has her dreams dashed when the stakes-race favorite she is scheduled to ride is killed the night before the race. After Nikki finds the body of a gunshot victim, she becomes the prime suspect. Framed and facing a possible murder rap, Nikki must fight to clear her name. (Wildside Press, 2010)

Jay At Play: The Big Hit Kathryn Roman ’07 (Illustrator) This children’s book, written by Troy Hein, teaches the lesson of integrity through little league baseball. Jay and his teammates learn the lesson in a tough loss to Hillside. (Troy Hein, 2010)

The Monster Gets a Hug and a Kiss Jack Graybill ‘52 Merry and her daddy put their heads together to get rid of the monster in her closet. Based on a true story, the book portrays one child who overcomes her fear in a delightful story for young readers. (Tate Publishing, 2010)

The Summer We Read Gatsby Danielle Ganek ‘85 This comedy of manners is about two half-sisters who must set aside their differences when they inherit a ramshackle cottage, Fool’s House, in the Hamptons from eccentric Aunt Lydia. As they settle in for what may be their final summer in the house, they are embroiled in a string of curious events, including unexpected entanglements with men from their past. (Viking Adult, 2010)

Urban Pastoral: Natural Currents in the New York School Timothy Gray ‘86 Gray’s accessible and lively book goes beyond the traditional boundaries of literary criticism to embrace the creative spirit of New York poets and artists. The book reconsiders appraisals of Frank O’Hara, John Ashbery, Barbara Guest and their peers as celebrants of cosmopolitan culture and examines their more pastoral impulses. (University of Iowa Press, 2010)
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