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Bookshelf: Winter 2011

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How the Government Got in Your Backyard: Superweeds, Frankenfoods, Lawn Wars, and the (Nonpartisan) Truth About Environmental Policies

Jeff Gillman, Ph.D., ’92 and Eric Heberlig, Ph.D., ‘92

Friends since their time as undergraduates at Franklin & Marshall, Gillman and Heberlig worked together to write this book that distills the science, the politics and the unbiased, nonpartisan truth behind hot-button environmental issues. By reporting what the left and the right believe along with what the science is and what the facts are, the authors present a book that takes a non-biased look at environmental issues ranging from pesticide use to global warming.

Heberlig, associate professor of political science at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, and Gillman, associate professor of horticultural science at the University of Minnesota, decided to write the book after frequent discussions about the state of the environment and their belief that politicians had little idea about the science behind what they were legislating. (Timber Press, 2011)

Archaeology and Community Service Learning

Mary Ann Levine, associate professor of anthropology, and Michael S. Nassaney (eds.)

This book examines how archaeology can successfully incorporate community service learning (CSL) into its pedagogies to broaden and enhance learning opportunities for students and to promote civic engagement. Levine has been integrating the techniques of CSL into her research for years. (University of Florida Press, 2009)

Beyond the Pink Moon, A Memoir of Legacy, Loss and Survival

Nicki Boscia Durlester ‘78

In this touching, frank and informative memoir, the author chronicles her transformational journey from her diagnosis with breast cancer through her treatment and recovery. Beginning with her mother’s diagnosis in 1962, she provides unique insight into being part of a large Italian-American family afflicted with the BRCA2 gene. (CreateSpace, 2010)

The Bridge to Organic Chemistry: Concepts and Nomenclature

Claude H. Yoder ‘62, Charles A. Dana Professor of Chemistry; Phyllis A. Leber, Dr. E. Paul and Frances H. Reiff Professor of Chemistry; and Marcus W. Thomsen, professor of chemistry

This book analyzes general chemistry concepts and applies them to organic chemistry. It connects the bridge between general chemistry and organic chemistry with topics such as structure (VSEPR model), Lewis (electron-dot) model, Bronsted-Lowry acid-base and Lewis acid-base concepts. (John Wiley & Sons, 2010)

Financial Statement Analysis: Qualitative Techniques

Alan S. Glazer ’69, Henry P. and Mary B. Stager Professor of Business, and Glenn L. Stevens, emeritus associate professor of business, organizations and society

This book explains how analysts and other users of financial statements employ various qualitative techniques to improve the usefulness of the information contained in those statements. A wide range of recognition, measurement and disclosure principles is described and illustrated. (Tax Management Inc., 2010)

In Dreams Begin

Skyler White (Laura Hampton ‘90)

In this time-travel romance novel, Laura, a contemporary graphic artist, wakes up on her wedding night channeled into the body of Maud Gonne, the famous Victorian beauty, Irish revolutionary and amateur occultist. The book, picked as one of Fantasy Literature’s Best Books of 2010, is based on the author’s personal history and the occult movement of the late Victorian era. (Berkley Trade Paperback, 2010)

The Iraq Wars and America’s Military Revolution

Keith L. Shimko, Ph.D., ‘84

Many saw America’s decisive victory in Desert Storm as a confirmation of a revolution in military affairs (RMA). Just as information-age technologies were revolutionizing civilian life, the Gulf War appeared to reflect similarly profound changes in warfare. A debate has raged ever since. Shimko, associate professor of political science at Purdue University, offers a comprehensive study of the Iraq Wars in the context of the RMA debate. (Cambridge University Press, 2010)

The Lawyer’s Guide to LexisNexis CaseMap

Daniel J. Siegel, Esq., ‘81

This practical guide includes numerous tips about how to get

the most from LexisNexis CaseMap, a computer program that makes analyzing cases easier. Designed for beginners and longtime users of CaseMap, the book includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations. (American Bar Association, 2010)

Migration and International Trade: The US Experience since 1945

Roger White, associate professor of economics

This book synthesizes and extends the immigrant–trade literature and provides comprehensive coverage of this timely topic. White analyzes the relationship between immigration and trade and sheds light on a noteworthy aspect of globalization that both confronts policymakers with challenges and offers the potential to overcome them. (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010)

My Los Angeles in Black and (Almost) White

Andrew Furman, Ph.D., ’90

Furman played on a high school basketball team that was a mix of white kids from the San Fernando Valley and African-American kids being bused in from the inner city when Los Angeles was desegregating its public school district. He uses this as a backdrop for this look at the judicial and legislative aspects of school desegregation and the challenges that still remain regarding race and public education. (Syracuse University Press, 2010)

Pennsylvania Breweries (Fourth Edition)

Lew Bryson ‘81

In this updated edition of the best-selling guide, beer writer and connoisseur Bryson reviews Pennsylvania’s 73 breweries and brewpubs, including new breweries and old favorites. Each entry includes types of beer brewed, available tours, food served, area lodging, nearby points of interest and the author’s “pick” of the best beer. (Stackpole Books, 2010)

A Universe of Metal Sculpture

Henry Harvey ‘70

Harvey divulges secrets about everything from the creative process to techniques of metal sculpting. He deconstructs and provides insights into the abstract sculptures he has created the past 35 years. This colorful, engaging journey features galleries of commissions for presidents, Fortune 500 companies and private collectors, as well as jewelry and outdoor sculptures. (Schiffer Publishing, 2010)
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