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Bookshelf: Summer 2011

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Applied Optics Fundamentals and Device Applications: Nano, MOEMS, and Biotechnology

Mark A. Mentzer, Ph.D., ‘79

A senior research scientist at the Army Research Laboratories, Mentzer addresses how the field of optical engineering impacts biotechnology. The book covers the exponential growth in materials, applications and cross-functional relevance of the convergent disciplines in optical engineering. (CRC Press, 2011)

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County: Life, Death and Politics at Chicago’s Public Hospital

David A. Ansell, M.D., M.P.H., ‘74

Ansell’s dramatic account of the 17 years he spent at Chicago’s 160-year-old public Cook County Hospital presents chilling proof of the indignities, interminable lines, inexcusable delays, inferior facilities and incomplete care received by uninsured, mostly African-American, patients. (Academy Chicago, 2011)

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Degradation: What the History of Obscenity Tells Us About Hate Speech

Kevin Saunders, Ph.D., J.D., ‘68

In this study of the relationship between obscenity and hate speech, Saunders traces the legal trajectory of degradation as it moved from sexual depiction to hateful speech, looking closely at hate speech in several arenas, including racist, homophobic and sexist speech in the workplace and classroom. (New York University Press, 2011)

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Drifting: Two Weeks on the Hudson

Mike Freeman ‘92

New to fatherhood at the trip’s start and fresh from 10 years in village Alaska, Freeman sets out to re-learn his country by taking a two-week canoe trip down the Hudson River. The book uses the history of the Hudson to reflect on America’s past, present and uncertain future. (State University of New York Press, 2011)

New Directions in Campaigns and Elections

Stephen K. Medvic, associate professor of government (editor)

This book guides readers through the tangle of recent developments in real-world politics, drawing on the insights of innovative scholarship on these topics. The authors cover the many ways in which new communication technologies have affected campaigns and elections. (Routledge, 2011)

The Serpents of Blissfull

Bruce Pratt ‘76

Pratt, an award-winning poet and short story writer, weaves a memorable story of redemption in his debut novel. Protagonist Isaac Butts is forced to confront venomous serpents, both physical and emotional, in order to rebuild his life and exorcise the demons from his past. (Mountain State Press, 2011)

Vers un démocratie écologique: Le politique, le savant et le citoyen (Toward an Ecological Democracy: Politicians, Scientists and Citizens)

Kerry Whiteside, The Clair R. McCollough Professor of Government, and Dominique Bourg

The authors argue that ecological issues such as climate change and biodiversity depletion need to be addressed through institutions that are closer to participatory than to representative democracy.
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