Story 11/6/2012

Ford Speaks of the Presidency

In late April 1978, former President Gerald Ford visited campus for a day of lectures and...

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Story 10/3/2012

Registration for Freshmen (and Women)

On Sept. 7, 1969, members of the first Franklin & Marshall coed freshmen class assemble in the...

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Story 6/5/2012

Dr. Franklin, I Presume...

As Franklin & Marshall College marks its 225th anniversary, it’s worth tipping our cane to the...

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Story 3/13/2012

College of the Air

In October 1953, Franklin & Marshall began to participate in a new educational television series...

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Story 12/2/2011

A Model Campus

Professor Edmund Whiting of the Art Department is pictured discussing a scale model of campus...

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Story 9/14/2011

‘Proud Mary’ Captivates Mayser Center

On March 10, 1972, the Ike & Tina Turner Review electrified the stage at Mayser Center as part...

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Story 6/9/2011

'Death to the clam'

Starting in the late 19th century, F&M students found a new way to acknowledge and celebrate the...

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Story 3/18/2011

101st Anniversary of Henry H. Apple Inauguration

On a clear winter Friday in early 1910, Franklin & Marshall College inaugurated Henry H. Apple...

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Story 10/28/2008

'Domes Off' to Scholl Observatory

After 80 years of faithful service to the Franklin & Marshall community, Scholl Observatory was...

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