6/11/2011 Magazine Staff

Grant Received to Support Writing Curriculum

Franklin & Marshall has received a $236,050 grant from The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation to enhance the College’s writing-across-the-curriculum initiative. The five-year grant will support professional development for members of the faculty, and includes funding for workshops and seminars with nationally recognized experts.

“Our students are the most important beneficiaries,” says Tamara Goeglein, associate dean of the faculty and professor of English, who will direct the project through June 30. “The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation is devoted to students at liberal arts colleges. F&M already has a fantastic track record of great writing instruction, and we are going to build on this and become a model for select liberal arts colleges.”

The president of the foundation, Julie Kidd, cited F&M’s “very thoughtful approach to integrating writing more fully into the curriculum, something that I believe will be of benefit to students and faculty alike.”

Writing across the curriculum is F&M’s current writing requirement for students. Goeglein says the requirement aspires to be developmental, as students begin with a first-year writing course (often a first-year seminar), continue to satisfy the requirement in a Foundations course, and conclude with writing in their majors.
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