9/14/2011 Magazine Staff

Weis College House

F&M celebrated a cornerstone—er, milestone—in the evolution of the College House community on May 13 with the dedication of Weis College House, marking an end to the yearlong transforma- tion of Weis Hall into F&M’s newest College House.

Along with the Bonchek, Brooks and Ware College Houses, the Weis College House transforms the quad’s appearance. “We felt with the College House Commons we could experiment with fresh, modern architecture that would appeal to students,” says Daniel Kelley, partner at MGA Partners, the architectural firm that conceived the plan for the quad and designed the houses.

The Weis project involved construction of a new entrance, including a Great Room, and renovation of existing space. A key component was filling in the two-story dining area affectionately known as “the Fish Bowl” to create a seminar and living room.

While the houses share elements, each is distinct. “Since Weis is at the bottom of the quad on the northern end, it has a very powerful, symmetrical position that the other three don’t have,” Kelley explains. “So it had to be more formal.

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