10/02/2012 Magazine Staff

Campus Bookstore Upper Level, Distler House

When the College bookstore relocated to the upper level of Distler House in the heart of campus in 2004, it was a homecoming of sorts. The bookstore was previously housed in Distler from 1959 to 1976, when the space was known as Campus House.

Through the years, the bookstore has moved several times. It inhabited Diagnothian Hall from 1926 to 1959 before its first stay in Distler. From Distler it moved into the new Steinman College Center in 1976, where it remained until 1991. Under the umbrella of the Follett Corporation beginning in 1991, the bookstore relocated across Harrisburg Pike to College Square.

In 2004, it returned to Distler (the building was named after F&M President Theodore A. “Prexy” Distler in 1976) as a Barnes & Noble bookstore as part of the building’s renovation. The main level is 3,400 square feet and sees the most traffic on the day that first-year students move in.

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