11/02/2012 Jason Klinger

Autumn 2012

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Fall on the Franklin & Marshall campus is an exceptional time. While nature is beginning its slow march toward the hibernation of winter, the pace is quickening for students and faculty, who are a mere six weeks from the end of the term.

Soon enough they will be knee-deep in final exams, course-capping papers, research presentations and end-of-semester performances (and don’t forget conference playoffs for our fall athletics teams).

Adding to the excitement on campus this year is the presidential election, which in its final days is shaping up to be a photo finish between President Barack Obama and his challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney. The race has been much in the spotlight at F&M, which since its founding 225 years ago has launched students into leadership roles in government, law and politics.

In this issue we take an in-depth look at the many ways our students, faculty, professional staff and alumni are enthusiastically engaging in the race—through voter registration drives, statewide polls, Common Hour discussions, impromptu discourse and debate within the College Houses, and through alumni gatherings in New York and Washington, D.C., that packed both venues.

It’s a testimony to the College’s ethos of liberal learning that our community invests so much of itself in the democratic process. It is clear that F&M students, both past and present, strive to be informed citizens and effect positive change, and this should be a source of pride for everyone with a connection to F&M.

Farewell, Jill

I also want to use this space to say farewell to someone whom many alumni have come to know through the pages of Franklin & Marshall Magazine. You may have noticed that the familiar face of Jill Colford Schoeniger ’86 is not on the bottom of this page. That is because after eight dedicated years as editor, Jill resigned in September to pursue an exciting new writing opportunity.

As an alumna, Jill brought the perspective of a former student and proud graduate to her role of keeping F&M’s extended family engaged with the College through the stories and experiences of alumni and parents told in the Magazine. And in the four-plus years I worked with her, she never flagged in her quest to bring you the best she had to offer. Jill was responsible for making Franklin & Marshall Magazine what it is today—engaging, informative and thoughtful—and she will be sorely missed.

We’re currently searching for a new editor who can bring his or her own passion and creativity to the magazine. If any alumni out there have an interest in the position or would like to recommend it to a friend, you can find out more about it at go.fandm.edu/editor.

Best, Jason Klinger Director of Publications, Office of College Communications
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