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David Klinges, Esq., ’50, P’82, P’85 & Karl Klinges, M.D., ’52, P’77, G’11

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Parents never know what their kids will take to heart. They can only hope the crucial pieces of wisdom they impart will take hold, such as taking care of those who have helped you. The parents of David and Karl Klinges did not tell their sons this so much as show them.

Their father was a pipefitter who did work for the Navy. He wanted his sons to attend college, but he was unsure how to make that happen, given the expenses associated with higher education.

Franklin & Marshall College stepped up and offered scholarships so that both David and Karl could attend. The brothers took it from there, immersing themselves in the life of the College and taking full advantage of the gift they had been given.

David, a government major, participated in soccer and swimming, was secretary of Chi Phi, joined the Glee Club and took part in numerous clubs and societies. He also went on to graduate from Yale University School of Law.

Karl jumped into college with the same intensity as his brother. The Williamson Medalist for the Class of 1952, he captained the soccer team, was president of Chi Phi, was involved with the band and joined several clubs and organizations. A biology major, Karl earned his M.D. from Thomas Jefferson University.

Their parents never forgot the foothold the College gave their sons. "My father and mother were mindful of the debt their family owed to Franklin & Marshall," David said, "but they couldn't afford to make outright gifts."

Instead, their parents established a series of charitable gift annuities at F&M that gave them a steady stream of payments for life. The money that remained after their deaths established the Klinges Family Scholarship Fund.

True to their parents' ideals, the Klinges brothers, along with their sister, Edythe, continue to nurture and support their fund. The giving priority of the Klinges family remains need-based scholarship aid. The fund is now valued at nearly $1 million.

While giving to Franklin & Marshall has become a family tradition, so too has attending. Two of David's sons, Peter '82 and John '85, are graduates, while Karl's daughter Mollie Van Horne '77 and son-in-law Jack '75 are alumni. And the next generation has followed suit, as Karl's granddaughter Casey Van Horne '11 is a current student.

The Klinges brothers have a close connection to another F&M student. At the April 2009 Scholar/Donor Luncheon, the Klinges brothers met, for the first time, the student who is the current recipient of their family's generosity. Her words at the luncheon from a letter she had written the Klinges families would have made their parents as proud as they were: "You may rest assured that I will be giving back to F&M in every way, when I will be able to," wrote Lisa Yosevitz '12, of Kendall Park, N.J.

These words were music to their ears. "Lisa's letter outlined her personal obligation to start 'giving back,' now with volunteering for the College and later, when able, with financial support," Karl said. "Lisa gets it."

The Klinges brothers and their parents before them also "got it." And their generosity will ensure promising F&M students get "it"--an F&M education, that is--for years to come.

To learn more about planning your legacy with Franklin & Marshall, go fandm.planyourlegacy.org or contact Mary Ann Cooke at 717-358-4821 or maryann.cooke@fandm.edu.

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