10/30/2009 Jill Colford Schoeniger ’86

Al Ingraham '72

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Al Ingraham '72 is quick to credit players and coaches for F&M's athletic achievements in recent years.

But Ingraham is more than just a fan cheering on the Diplomats from the sidelines. Over the years, he has played an important role in raising funds for the school's athletic facilities, serving most recently as chairman of the Diplomat Athletic Club Advisory Council.

In giving back to F&M, Ingraham has been guided by his vision of a liberal arts education as an opportunity to sculpt both mind and body. It's an opportunity he enjoyed: as a history and business administration major, he found time to play soccer and basketball.

Ingraham left the classrooms and playing fields of F&M for a career in commercial and residential real estate. Today, he is a district sales leader for MetLife Home Loans in Timonium, Md., and manages nine branch offices. In May he was inducted into the National Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee Hall of Fame.

Ingraham kept his alma mater close, generously donating time and money. "I'm the type of person who does things lock, stock and barrel," he said. Ingraham also is an active supporter of Habitat for Humanity and spent a year as president of the Maryland Association of Realtors.

His commitment to F&M earned him the 2009 Alumni Medal Award. What gives him pride, however, is seeing student-athletes benefit from state-of-the-art facilities.

"These are things that change the whole perspective that students and alumni have of the campus and what it offers," said Ingraham, who lives in Reisterstown, Md., with his wife, Diana. They have two grown children.

A native of Winchester, Mass., Ingraham was the first person from his high school to attend F&M. He showed up two days ahead of his classmates in fall 1968, but older students already on campus helped him feel at home.

He forged lifelong friendships with some of them, as well as with his soccer and basketball teammates. They lived in the same residence halls and pledged the same fraternity, Chi Phi. After graduation, F&M became their meeting place, even as life and careers pulled them in separate directions.

Ingraham still returns to F&M regularly to watch students play football, basketball, lacrosse and other sports. The excitement generated by today's athletic programs is positively contagious, he said.

"I can't tell you what I'd give to spend even one year, or even one semester, back on campus at F&M with the energy level and the facilities that now exist."
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