2/05/2010 Jill Colford Schoeniger ’86

Robert Mullins, Ph.D., ’91

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As the executive in charge of operations, strategy and development for Northrop Grumman's Space and Intelligence Systems Division, Rob Mullins '91 accumulated more than 250,000 frequent flier miles during 2009. An established road warrior, he is most excited by the leisurely drive he makes to Lancaster on Thursday evenings.

In August, Mullins was named F&M's first executive-in-residence and Harris Center Fellow. "I have always sought a way to give back to the College — besides writing a check every year," he says. "Since I earned my Ph.D., I have wanted to reengage in academia in some way. I am now able to do both."

In this role Mullins serves as a guest lecturer on topics such as international business and business advocacy. He works with F&M students in developing their career networking skills and consults with the Business, Organizations & Society (BOS) faculty to make certain the department leverages its core capabilities and evolves the curriculum to ensure its graduates are well-equipped for the changing realities of 21st-century business.

"The College is committed to preparing its students to be the leaders, scholars and effective practitioners of the future," Mullins says. "The BOS Department's cross-cutting themes force students to think critically and develop an analytical toolset vital to their future success."

Mullins enjoys the interaction he has with students and faculty and admits to being intoxicated by the energy on campus.

"Students today are far less inhibited than when I went here. There is such a dynamic interaction between the students and faculty," he says. "I am amazed at the commitment the faculty have for their students. You don't find that everywhere. It is part of the magic of F&M."

And it is integral to the future success of the Harris Center. For Mullins, the Center is much more than bricks and mortar and more than a place to house academic departments. He says it is a real draw for future students and an opportunity for the College to develop a brand that harnesses the synergies found among the BOS, Government and Public Policy programs.

"The future of business education is fascinating and rapidly evolving," says Mullins. "There is a real opportunity to provide the Harris Center with an identity so it becomes readily recognized by graduate schools and employers."
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