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Story 11/1/2012

Bennett Helm

In April, the John Templeton Foundation awarded Franklin & Marshall College Professor of Philosophy...

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Story 10/2/2012

Ken Hess

Ken Hess, professor of chemistry, is the faculty mentor to Franklin & Marshall College’s first...

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Story 6/5/2012

Cookie Faust

Arleen “Cookie” Faust is retiring after 52 years at Franklin & Marshall College. Starting her career...

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Story 3/13/2012

Roger D.K. Thomas

Roger D.K. Thomas, the John Williamson Nevin Professor of Geosciences, has taught at F&M since 1975...

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Story 12/2/2011

Carol J. Auster

Carol J. Auster, professor of sociology, received the 2011 Christian R....

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Story 6/9/2011

Susan Minasian

The Rev. Susan Minasian, College chaplain, has been the director of admissions at the...

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Story 3/2/2011

Stephanie McNulty

Stephanie McNulty, assistant professor of government, teaches courses on Latin American...

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Story 11/22/2010

Dean Hammer: New Don of Fifth College House

In July, Dean Hammer, the John W. Wetzel Professor of Classics and professor of government, accepted...

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Story 2/5/2010

Carol Davis, Associate Professor of Theater

Carol Davis is co-founder of the Nepal Health Project, an initiative she and her late husband, Peter...

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