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Letters to the Editor 

The magazine welcomes letters to the editor to be included in the Mailbox section of the magazine. E-mail your letter to . Limit your sentiments to 300 words and include contact information. Letters are edited for length, style and grammar.

Submit a Class Note

Keep us up-to-date so that we can keep your classmates posted on what's happening with you. Drop us a line when your receive a promotion, start a new job, have a baby, get married or have other news to share. Send news items via mail or email or submit electronically.

Wedding Photos 

We accept wedding photos within one year of the wedding date. Photos can be sent through the mail or via e-mail (see below for directions). The photos must be of the highest quality.

The photo can be (1) a photo of the two people being married or (2) a photo of the two people being married with only the F&M alumni in attendance. Note: Please do not send in a group photo (i.e., the wedding party) that includes alumni and non-alumni. Due to space considerations, we only print photos of alumni.

Include the following information: full name and class year, spouse's full name and class year (if applicable), names and class years of guests from left to right by row, when and where you were married, where you are living now, and current job titles and employers. Please include a daytime phone number.

If you would like the photo returned, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

To send photos electronically:

  • Save as a JPEG in RGB color with maximum or high quality/low or lowest compression.
  • Resolution is less important than size in PIXELS .
  • The shortest dimension (width or height) must be at least 1440 pixels, the bigger the better. (This means that, even if the resolution is only 72 dpi, we still get a 4-inch image.)
  • It would be safer to send a compressed file. It won't make the file much smaller but will protect against corruption. 
  • If the JPEG is not 1440 pixels (or something close to that), do not resample it to make it bigger - this will only mean a fuzzy, bitmappy image when printed. In these cases we cannot use the image. You will need to send us hard copy or rescan the original (although, unless you've got a great scanner, we'd prefer to do the rescanning).