Campus Space: Frey Atrium

This magazine article is part of Autumn 2014 / Issue 79
  • Frey Atrium

The three-story Frey Atrium is a grand entrance to Franklin & Marshall’s Barshinger Life Sciences & Philosophy Building, which was dedicated in 2007. The building houses the philosophy, psychology and biology departments, as well as the biological foundations of behavior and the scientific and philosophical studies of mind programs. It is home to 11 teaching labs, 36 faculty offices, the 120-seat Bonchek Lecture Hall, the Steinman Plant Growth Facility, and numerous classrooms, study areas and common spaces.

A gift of Betty Ann and Emeritus Trustee Dale F. Frey ’54, the Frey Atrium is a beehive of activity on any given day as students climb its open stairwells on their way to classrooms and labs. The atrium also hosts many special events, including the Autumn and Spring Research Fairs, which showcase outstanding student research in all disciplines.



  1. William R. Hutson’s “Coming and Going with Colors,” a mixed media canvas assemblage, hangs prominently above the entrance to the Department of Philosophy.
  2. A café, Flavors at LSP, offers artisan sandwiches, pretzel rolls, dessert bars, brewed coffee and tea.
  3. A Benjamin Franklin bust was created by leading Lancaster physician James P. Argires.
  4. Tall windows allow the sun’s rays to filter into the room, providing plenty of natural light.
  5. Visible in the hallway adjacent to the Frey Atrium is the Kunkel Advanced Statistics Teaching Laboratory, named for W. Minster Kunkel II, M.D., ’43. 
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