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Ice Hockey 101

This magazine article is part of Fall 2015 / Issue 83

Three generations of Diplomats recently came together on an ice rink in Bethlehem, Pa., to celebrate their shared love of ice hockey and raise money for multiple sclerosis research as part of the annual Hockey Fights MS tournament. But the relationships between Daisy Mase '17, Mindy MacRone-Wojton '93 and Professor Carol Auster didn't start on the ice—they began in Auster's sociology courses.

Mase, a joint major in film, media studies and sociology, took Sociology 101 during her first year at F&M. An ice hockey player in high school and the goalie and only woman on F&M's club team, Mase decided to write a paper about the social structure of her ice hockey team.

The paper landed Mase on the radar of Auster, who has long been part of a recreational ice hockey league. When the team needed a goalie for August's tournament, Auster asked Mase if she'd be willing to participate. Mase was in.

More than 20 years earlier, MacRone-Wojton—also a sociology major and former field hockey and lacrosse player at F&M—conducted an independent study under Auster's guidance. Together they co-authored a paper about class participation that was published in the American Sociological Association's journal, Teaching Sociology. The two scholars kept in touch for more than two decades, and Auster offered MacRone-Wojton valuable advice and support as she earned her doctorate in rehabilitation sciences. In addition, they formed a new bond over their shared interest in hockey.

"She [Auster] has been a great mentor and a great friend," says MacRone-Wojton. Which is why, when Auster encouraged MacRone-Wojton to join this year's tournament, she enthusiastically agreed.

"If this were a large university, this might not have happened," says Auster. "But at F&M, people know each other well enough that they're able to engage outside of the classroom. More than 20 years after co-authoring a paper, we're part of a team again."

That team went on to take fourth in their division. But the real win, the trio says, comes in the form of lasting bonds among F&M students, alumni, and faculty—which endure well beyond the rink.
  • Mindy MacRone-Wojton ’93, Daisy Mase ’17 and Professor Carol Auster Mindy MacRone-Wojton ’93, Daisy Mase ’17 and Professor Carol Auster
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