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On the Bookshelf (Fall 2016)

This magazine article is part of Fall 2016/Issue 87

The Phantom of Thomas Hardy
Floyd Skloot ’69

Floyd Skloot’s 20th book features his relationship with the late F&M Professor of English Robert Russell, for whom Skloot worked as a reader and completed an honors thesis on the novels of Thomas Hardy. The novel takes the form of a fictional memoir in which Skloot and his wife travel to England to visit Hardy country as an act of homage to both Hardy and to Russell after his death. While there, the phantom of Thomas Hardy requests the author’s help and a mystery-love story-ghost story ensues, with Russell very much a part of the story. (University of Wisconsin Press, 2016)


Why Not? Conquering The Road Less Traveled

John Brown and Donna Goldberg Brown '77

While medical intervention and ambulatory aides can help people with cerebral palsy achieve productive lives, John Brown was determined to leave his mark on the world. From the childhood specialists who viewed him as just another child with special needs, to his first radio program director who called him a diamond in the rough, he was determined to be the best in his field and demonstrate that hard work, perseverance and some luck can help one overcome odds regardless of obstacles. John’s is a story of the American spirit—about how tears, determination and grit can get you to the top. (Outskirts Press, 2014)


The Convergence of K-12 and Higher Education

Christopher P. Loss and Patrick McGuinn ’93 (eds.)

Two leading scholars of education policy bring together a distinguished and varied array of contributors to systematically examine the growing convergence between the K–12 and higher education sectors in the U.S. This volume makes the case that it is no longer possible to think of one sector in the absence of the other, given the economic, demographic and technological forces that are pushing the educational system toward convergence. It includes a chapter by Donnell Butler ’95, F&M’s senior associate dean for planning and analysis of student outcomes, titled “College Access and Opportunity.” (Harvard Education Press, 2016)


From Stressed To Centered

Dana A. Gionta, Ph.D. and Dan Guerra, Psy.D., ’91

Written by two experts with more than 30 years of combined experience, “From Stressed to Centered: A Practical Guide To A Healthier And Happier You” is geared toward people feeling tired, overwhelmed, distracted and overextended. It offers a distinctive approach to stress management and self-care by helping readers understand and tackle stress at all levels. Based on science, it utilizes anecdotes, exercises and practical strategies to encourage people to assess their current levels of stress; build resilience to future stress; develop lifestyle programs of guilt-free self-care; and live healthier, more fulfilling lives. (Sea Hill Press, 2015)

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