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2016 College House Leaders

This magazine article is part of Fall 2016/Issue 87
  • Steve Altieri '17 Image Credit: Matthew Lester

Steve Atlieri '17

Chancellor, Bonchek College House

Hometown: Skillman, N.J.

Major: Mathematics

House trivia: A lantern is the house symbol, bringing F&M’s motto, “Lux et Lex,” or “light and law,” to all. 

  • David Goodman '17 Image Credit: Matthew Lester

David Goodman ’17

Consul, New College House

Hometown: Sharon, Mass.

Major: Economics

House trivia: A purple clam is the house mascot; students recently designed a game room in the basement.

  • Charles Hagist '18 Image Credit: Matthew Lester

Charles Hagist ’18

Prime Minister, Ware College House

Hometown: Augusta, Ga.

Majors: Anthropology, Dance

House trivia: As a blizzard raged last winter, more than 150 students kept warm at “Wareoke,” an annual house event that brings people together for pizza and singing.

  • Khyla Hill '18 Image Credit: Matthew Lester

Khyla Hill ’18

President, Brooks College House

Hometown: New York City

Major: Public health (biology)

House trivia: The house’s many traditions include “Brooks Cooks,” which allows students to share various ethnic foods – and teach others how to cook them. Recent dinners have featured Dominican, Chinese and Italian cooking.

  • Michael Morette '19 Image Credit: Matthew Lester

Michael Morette ’19

Chair of Assembly of Peers, Weis College House

Hometown: Northfield, Ill.

Major: Undeclared

House trivia: A dragon is the house mascot; some students affectionately call the wall in the Weis great room “The Tortilla Chip Wall” due to its distinctive design.

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