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Letters to the Editor (Fall 2017)

This magazine article is part of Fall 2017 / Issue 90

Stories Stuck With Me

Congratulations, your summer edition was the best I have seen for years. Three stories stood out to me: the gift from distinguished alumnus Ken Mehlman ’88, the article about foreign policy analysis (wish I could have taken such a course as a student), and the contributions of Dr. Matt Demczko and Dr. Mike Fox to the needs of the underserved Amish community. For years, I have become more disillusioned with F&M as it seemed to turn away from the liberal arts, faith-based college I knew in the 1950s and become just another “liberal” institution. I hope that I’m wrong.

Richard Hanscom Jr. ’54
Fort Washington, Pa.

Long Road to Steinman

I read with interest your story on the Steinman College Center detailing the lengthy effort required to make the center a reality. The article focused on engaging the architect, Minoru Yamasaki, and his extensive design work. Not mentioned was the unusually long period of construction. My class (1976) has the unenviable distinction of being the last to graduate from F&M without having enjoyed the use of the College Center—despite contending with a huge construction project in the middle of campus for three years. I recall trees being cut to clear the site during exam week in the spring of 1973. The building was meant to be ready for our senior year; however, come that fall, it wasn’t close to completion. The situation is described whimsically by the cover of the new student directory for 1975. Its child-like depiction of a campus map (created by Karen Taub ’76) represents the (unnamed) college center with a loaded dump truck and labels what is now Hartman Green as the “Dirt Pile.” Construction continued all through our senior year and the center opened (as noted) May 29, 1976. The following day, our class celebrated Commencement.

Brad Adams ’76
Lake Bluff, Ill.

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