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Our Walls of Fame

This magazine article is part of Fall 2017 / Issue 90

We recently asked F&M alumni to tell us what they had hanging on their residence hall walls back in their college days . Their answers were entertaining, ranging from Broadway posters to old Abercrombie bags to random pieces of mail. It got us thinking: What are current F&M students hanging on their walls? Here’s a sample of what our photographer found. Photography by Deb Grove

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10 Words or Less

My college wall hangings

Paper lantern lights, notes from friends and family, Beatles poster
Carolina Deaven ’16

Not a damn thing except for maybe a mirror!
William Curtis ’61

Pete Sampras, Cal Ripken Jr., Georgia O'Keefe, Monet and maps
Elizabeth Frey Miller ’99

Old Abercrombie bags. That’s right.
Sai Somboon ’04

A poster of Albert Einstein and pictures of my friends!
Alexandra Haas ’02

Speedo-clad Mark Spitz with his Olympic medals
Gwin Krouse ’75

Movie posters. I worked in a video store during summers.
Joe Coviello ’86

Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd posters
Amelia Solomon ’00

It was the 1970s. I can’t remember!
Kathleen Devlin Culver ’78

Van Gogh and Monet posters
Erin Norris ’99

Broadway theater posters
Valerie Mittl ’81

Posters for Snatch and Futurama, and American and Canadian flags
Allister Sears ’04

My Puerto Rican flag
Brittany Perez ’17

A Game of Thrones map
Sydney Kessler-Appell ’20

Madonna and Billy Idol posters
Joy Restucci ’88

Does a brick hanging by a lanyard count?
Evan Shlom ’19

A T-rex wall cling, among other things.
Celeste Watkins ’17

Steven Universe, GOT, Inyuassha and Legend of Zelda.
Audrey Bonnet ’20

Harry Potter posters
Yiting Liu ’20

A poster of the Brooklyn Bridge from the 1983 centennial
Karen Kegelman ’88

Cards from friends, favorite poems, and pictures ripped from magazines
Lucy Kirkman ’17

Flamingo string lights, Bath rugby flag, random pieces of mail
Katie Urbanski ’15

Motivational posters and dirty laundry
Kyle Seelig ’15


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