11/01/2018 Sands Hall

Alumni Arts Review

This magazine article is part of Fall 2018 / Issue 92

The writing and art on the following pages originally appeared in “Temper,” Volume VII of the F&M Alumni Arts Review. Edited by Sands Hall, the F&M Alumni Arts Review is a printed publication, with a web presence (go.fandm.edu/aar), that presents literary and visual works by Franklin & Marshall alumni. It’s an “arts” review for a reason: F&M is proud that, as a College, it continues the fine tradition of a classic liberal arts education. The word “arts” in this case does not just mean the fine arts, or the literary arts; rather, it refers to educational disciplines that are considered essential if one is to be an effective citizen of the world. These include the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

The theme of Volume VIII is “Swing,” a word that invites all manner of exploration, from porch swings to mood swings, from swing music to swing votes. Submissions are now open, with a deadline of Nov. 15. To learn more about how to submit, or to ask questions, visit go.fandm.edu/aar.


  • Eddy Eddy Image Credit: John Shire '66
  • inner child inner child Image Credit: Matthew Werner '69
  • At the Forge At the Forge Image Credit: Donald Buchholz '68
  • Derivations Derivations Image Credit: Michelle O'Malley Wixon '88
  • Music of the Spheres Music of the Spheres Image Credit: Jon Mort '06
  • Stripes of Temperament (As Morphed) Stripes of Temperament (As Morphed) Image Credit: Bill Mathesius '61
  • Weather-tempered tree bones Weather-tempered tree bones Image Credit: Peter Nielson '78
  • Note to Self Note to Self Image Credit: Wilfred Brunner '70
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