10/16/2019 Christopher Raab

When College Met West Liberty

This magazine article is part of Fall 2019 / Issue 94
  • Armstrong plant and northern end of F&M's campus.

Unlike the majority of Lancaster city streets, College Avenue wasn’t established by the City of Lancaster in 1855, but by a special act of the Pennsylvania state legislature. Running along the eastern border of the newly purchased F&M grounds, College Avenue originally extended from Bachman’s Lane (now Buchanan Avenue) in the south, to a northern terminus at the Lancaster, Elizabethtown and Middletown Turnpike (now Harrisburg Avenue.) With the completion of the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard Consolidation project in 2015, College Avenue was opened to the newly extended West Liberty Street. The newly connected streets immediately enhanced traffic flow in Lancaster's northwest corridor, providing a more direct connection between F&M and the Lancaster train station.

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