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Letters to the Editor (Spring 2016)

This magazine article is part of Spring 2016 / Issue 85

Remembering Professor Alonso

Thank you for your wonderful remembrance of Ricardo Alonso, F&M’s Charles A. Dana Professor of Spanish, Emeritus (Winter 2016). Allow me to add another chapter. Professor Alonso was indeed Cuban Ambassador, under Fidel Castro, to Peru, Norway, Sweden, and the Court of St. James in England. He did arrive in the United States in the late 1960s.

What happened in between was perhaps the most significant decision of his life. Though at first he fully supported Castro’s dreams for Cuba, he soon realized that the Castro regime was as corrupt as the Batista regime it had overthrown. An attorney, Alonso worked tirelessly, and at great personal risk, to overcome the extensive human rights violations of Castro’s Cuba. Finally, during a diplomatic trip to England, he and his wife bravely renounced their Cuban citizenship, thus choosing to be exiles. It was then that they came to the United States.

Fifty years later, the human rights abuses of Castro’s Cuba remain. Ricardo Alonso died knowing that, despite Castro’s PR campaigns, from educational travel programs to an internationally televised Cuba vs. America baseball game, thousands of Cubans remain imprisoned for seeking the freedoms of speech, press, religion and assembly that we Americans take for granted. I suspect that is why his family requested gifts in his memory to Amnesty International.   

Rosemary McDonough ’76, P’11
Narberth, Pa.


History on the Hardwood

  • Mayser opening basketball game

It would have been fun if you identified the F&M players shown at Mayser Center’s opening in 1962 (History Lesson, Winter 2016). To the right is Jerry Huber. To the left is the man who later became a U.S. congressman, Bill Gray ’63 (we knew him as Herbie). I was likely gathering splinters on the bench. That’s not a complaint; Mayser was heaven compared to the hell of the Lancaster Armory, where we previously had all our practices and home games.

Bob Fortescue ’64
Red Bank, N.J.


About that Text Size…

I have enjoyed reading the magazine for many years. At times, I have read them from cover to cover. In the latest issue I was heartened to note that you featured swimmer Becca Meyers ’17. I identify greatly with her because I am also deaf.

Lately, it has become increasingly difficult to read the current magazine because the font size of the stories and captions seems considerably smaller than it used to be. Can’t you increase the size of the fonts back to previous sizes? Keep in mind that there are many older alumni who still prefer the hard copy instead of the online version.

Thomas E. Fields ’69

Allow me to add my concern over the type size in the magazine. I’m not quite as old as some previous letter writers, but as a 50-something with bifocals, I find the type a little hard to read. Combined with the glossy paper and the sometimes-interesting uses of colored pages, and it really is a strain on the eyes. I do appreciate all you do and enjoy reading the magazine. I just wish the magazine were a little easier to actually read.

Pete Kauffman ’88
Lancaster, Pa.

Editor’s note: We appreciate the feedback many of you have sent regarding our new design, including some concerns about the readability of text. We’ve increased the size of our font to make it easier on the eyes (we hope!) for all of our readers.

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