6/16/2016 Chris Karlesky

Memories of Spring Arts on Hartman Green, the Quad and Elsewhere

This magazine article is part of Spring 2016 / Issue 85
  • Students enjoy the various activities on Hartman Green during Spring Arts Festival.
Certainly the high point of the festival was the outdoor concert featuring Melissa Manchester, Happy and Artie Traum, and The Big River Band.

—Michael Kushner ’77 in The College Reporter, May 3, 1974

Balloons, blankets, cameras, beer, sunburns, smiles and bare feet were on the quad on Saturday afternoon in any or all combinations.

—The College Reporter, April 29, 1975

The Powerhouse Blues Band played late Saturday afternoon on the quad. Though they were late, and had technical difficulties with fuses, their spirited performance had everyone boogying.

—The College Reporter, April 19, 1977

A cow-milking demonstration was one of Saturday’s highlights…A party spirit prevailed as students put away their books for an “udderly” fantastic three days.

—The College Reporter, May 9, 1979

Don’t forget the required ‘Yee-Has’ during fiddle breaks…and if the weather is good, throw Frisbees onto the stage.

—Advice from Rusty Witek ’80 to freshmen in advance of Spring Arts, The College Reporter, April 29, 1980

The Atrium overflowed with people as Broadway Montage performed one show-stopping number after another.

—Edward Horowitz ’87 in The College Reporter, May 2, 1984

The weekend featured music, comedy, art and good food. Despite the snow—yes, snow—the festivities were a success. By Sunday, spring returned and the Quad was filled with Fummers.

—The College Reporter, April 18, 1988

I watched as students put on enormous inflatable suits in the shape of 300-pound sumo wrestlers and attempted to pin each other.

—Rachel Corn ’95 in The College Reporter, May 2, 1994

Spring Arts ’95 Transforms the Quad into Raging Party

—Headline in The College Reporter, May 1, 1995

George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars brought the funk—nearly four hours of it—to the Alumni Sports & Fitness Center. The legendary “godfather of funk” and his 20-member band opened Spring Arts Weekend with a lively, elaborate show.

—Tom Medvetz ’98 in The College Reporter, April 28, 1997

The West James Street block party returned this year, much to the approval of students.

—The College Reporter, April 28, 2003

Public safety reports no major incidents during Spring Arts 2004.

—Headline in The College Reporter, April 26, 2004

The campus turned its attention to the arts, including recitals, plays, concerts, and much more, all of which celebrated student-generated and new works….[And] it wouldn't be Spring Arts Weekend without the usual events: the Blue & White Society's Block Party, the CEC Springs Arts on Hartman Green, the fraternity pub crawl, and the Ben's Underground "Make Yourself a Sundae then Make Yourself a Sundae." But there were a handful of new events, such as Alpha Phi's Eat Your Heart Out and Chi Omega and Kappa Sigma's revival of DipSync.

—Editorial, The College Reporter, April 26, 2010

No power outage, snow or apocalypse will keep us from good music and funnel cakes!

—E-mail to students from College Entertainment Committee as snow falls on Spring Arts Weekend

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