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Bookshelf (Spring 2019)

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  • rebels 79

Rebels 79: The Iconoclast, the Prophet, the Commando and the Bleeding Heart
Michael Brillman ’95

Some people just own it. What is it? Transcendent charisma and the ability to articulate the unsung. In the 1970s, four musicians blurred the lines between the sacred and the profane. Journey from Lagos and Kingston to New York City and London to live inside the raw imagination of that decade. (Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd., 2018)


  • the discourses of capitalism

The Discourses of Capitalism
Christian W. Chun ’82

How do everyday people view and make sense of capitalism and its role in their work and personal lives? What are the discourses they use in their common-sense understandings of the economy to defend or reject capitalism as a system? Christian Chun looks at how dominant discourses in social circulation operate to co-construct and support capitalism, and the accompanying counter-discourses that critique it. (Routledge, 2018)

  • rewriting early america

Rewriting Early America: The Prenational Past in Postmodern Literature
Christopher K. Coffman ’96

Recent poems and fictions set in the early Americas are typically read as affirmations of cultural norms or as contentious repudiations of received histories. Inspired by Mihai Spariosu’s arguments regarding literary playfulness as an opening to peace, this book adopts a different perspective, with the goal of demonstrating that many recent literary texts undertake more constructive and hopeful projects with regard to the American past than critics usually recognize. (Lehigh University Press, 2018)

  • guide to adhd coaching cover

The Guide to ADHD Coaching
Alan R. Graham, Ph.D., ’71

Through ADHD coaching, individuals impacted by ADHD develop new skills and strategies to better manage their lives, identify and work toward their life goals, and become more educated about how their ADHD affects their lives. This book helps people know what to look for in an ADHD coach and helps them get started making their lives better even if they don’t engage a coach. (Motivational Press LLC, 2018)

  • gently down the stream

Gently Down the Stream
Jeffrey Hoffman, M.D., ’66

Curious about what it’s like to train to be a doctor? Have you or someone you care about been through the process? Then you can laugh and suffer with Jeff as he goes through pre-med insecurities, the intensity of med school, and finally, residency training culminating in the development of an empathic skilled and eager young psychiatrist who still has a lot to learn. (Radius Book Group, 2018)

  • Freud as a social and cultural theorist

Freud as a Social and Cultural Theorist: On Human Nature and the Civilizing Process
Howard L. Kaye, Professor of Sociology Emeritus

Making the case that Freud is best read as the social and cultural theorist he always aspired to be, and not as the medical scientist he so often claimed to be, this book demonstrates that it is Freud’s social, moral and cultural thought that constitutes the core of his life’s work as a theorist, and is the thread that binds his voluminous writings together. (Routledge, 2018)

  • paint your hair blue

Paint Your Hair Blue
Sue Matthews ’82

Sue Matthews and her sister, Andrea Cohane, take readers through the heartwarming tale of heroic courage and the power of love and determination that characterized Sue’s daughter, Taylor’s odyssey through the underfunded world of pediatric cancer. Readers learn about balancing medical treatments with the need to be a kid and gather dozens of tips for navigating the maze of pediatric oncology. (Morgan James Publishing, 2018)

  • the slave catcher s wife

The Slave Catcher’s Wife
Sarah B. Guest Perry ’76

It was a different America. The same mountains and fields, but with professions such as slave catching that we no longer have. Central Pennsylvania was the place to be as slaves followed the railroad line north through a checkerboard of alternating slave catchers and abolitionists on every square. Errol Garth rides a wave of disfavor with every slave caught, while Clara Garth anxiously tracks life—one needlework project at a time. (CreateSpace, 2018)

  • Band of wild ones

Band of Wild Ones
Dan Pertschuk ’73

Ricky Green is a restless teenager with a penchant for trouble. When the Beatles invade America, he and his three friends form a band, hoping to reap fame and fortune. But amidst the profound cultural and political upheaval of the 1960s, the Wild Ones struggle to find their footing. Twenty years later, Ricky attends his first high school reunion, perhaps seeking an opportunity to rewrite his history. Instead, he makes a startling discovery about his past. (Amazon Digital, 2018)

  • escape the law

Escape the Law: The Journey from Lawyer to Entrepreneur
Chad Williams ’95

The once-gilded path from law school student to wealthy lawyer has all but vanished. More importantly, many lawyers who are “successful” by traditional standards are absolutely miserable in the profession and want to find a way out. Chad Williams provides engaging and inspiring profiles of nearly 60 individuals who successfully made the transition from law to business. (Morgan James Publishing, 2018)

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