11/29/2021 Franklin and Marshall College

On the Bookshelf (Spring 2021)

This magazine article is part of Spring 2021 / Issue 96
  • barbarians at the pta


Barbarians at the PTA


Stephanie Newman ’86


  • healthy boating and sailing

Healthy Boating and Sailing

(Nautical Health Publishing)

Michael Martin Cohen, M.D., ’70


  • occupied clinic

The Occupied Clinic

(Duke University Press)

Saiba Varma ’04


  • first reconstruction

The First Reconstruction

(The University of North Carolina Press)

Van Gosse, professor of history


  • second wave millennials

Second-Wave Millennials

(Second Wave Press)

Warren Wright ’84


  • empire on edge

Empire on Edge

(Cambridge University Press)

Rajeshwari Dutt ’05


  • geographies of campus inequality

Geographies of Campus Inequality

(Oxford University Press)

Janel E. Benson ’00 and one other


  • rain gods rebellion

The Rain Gods’ Rebellion

(University of Colorado Press)

James M. Taggart, Lewis Audenreid Professor of History and Archaeology, Emeritus


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