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Letters to the Editor (Spring 2021)

This magazine article is part of Spring 2021 / Issue 96

I met Stan Dudrick ’57 in September 1953, when we were freshmen in Hartman Hall. One could easily see that he was a star on the rise. His contributions to the world of medicine were so spectacular. Our last conversation was when he told me he would not be at our 60-year reunion. He had a commitment to teach that weekend. He was always about helping others. My sincere sympathy to his family. He will be greatly missed by the world that he helped, of which I was proud to be a part.

Melvin Kopilnick, M.D., ’57


Breaking New Ground in Women’s Athletics

I was privileged to be on F&M’s first cross country team for women in 1979. We started as a club in 1978. On this page is a photo of the club with our dear coach, Ed Woge. I imagine funding for women’s athletics was limited. We received T-shirts as club members and shorts, T-shirts and old warmups when we achieved varsity status in 1979. We only had five women, and two of us were seniors so we became co-captains. Unfortunately, the other co-captain left the team early in the season so I was solo captain. Coach Woge was an amazing, supportive, kind and dedicated coach. He truly believed in positive reinforcement.

Every week he would send us a note in our mailbox to highlight our achievements. I always received most improved because I was the slowest runner. He never made me feel less than even though I was running a 10-minute mile. I had to stop three times in our first 1.5-mile run around the campus. I decided to quit the club. I was out running the next morning and ran into Coach Woge. He was impressed because he thought I was doing a double workout. I informed him I was running in the morning since I was quitting the club and would not be at practice. I was heading home for the weekend. He told me to enjoy the weekend and come to practice on Monday. Fortunately, I listened to Coach Woge and went back. I am forever grateful for his kindness and support and I stay in touch with him to this day.

I am now 63 and still running six days. I have run 28 marathons, and eight of them were Boston. I qualified for the first time in 1983 and couldn’t wait to call Coach. Running is a huge part of my life and I have met wonderful people as a result of it.

Funny enough, I met Bob Schwelm, who was on the men’s team and graduated in 1981. I signed up to run a marathon to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation and Bob was the coach. I had never met him before. I ended up running with his club — Bryn Mawr Running Club — for years and was the treasurer for years as well. It was such a blessing.

Running has done wonders for my self-confidence and has helped me cope with many trying times. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to F&M for giving women opportunities and to Coach Woge for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Denise DiPangrazio ’80


Love Connection

I had to write after seeing the picture on p age 24 of the Spring/Summer 2020 issue. Those women were my friends and classmates and were among the first women in our freshman class of 1969. Then, more than three years later, on a December evening in 1972 after a wrestling match at Mayser Gym, we gathered in the parking lot. There, by chance, they introduced me to a freshman named Stacey Stern—whom they had befriended. Stacey and I have been married for 44 years, and our son graduated from F&M in 2006.

Eric Shore ’73

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